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Agency Partner Training Session I Nov. 12, 2014 Springfield Art Museum

What is a Giving Day? A Giving Day is a powerful 24-hour online fundraising competition that unites a community around local causes. Hosted by the area’s community foundation, the Giving Day raises money through a single online donation platform. A Giving Day is a great way to build community, connect donors to local nonprofits, teach organizations to use digital tools and generate excitement about your community foundation. --Knight Foundation

What are the CFO’s Goals?  Raise awareness of philanthropy and nonprofit sector.  Create new donors.  Provide extra source of support for nonprofit partners

for projects, operational or endowment.  Build endowments.

Examples of Giving Days

Summary of Giving Days  Knight Foundation: Supported 18 give days last year

raising $31.8 million … they only support Give days in 26 communities where they have newspapers.

 Kimbia platform: 7,000 nonprofits participated on

May 6, 2014 and raised $53 million. About 300,000 donors; 40 percent from western states. 

Razoo platform: Over $120 million has been raised by Razoo during more than 60 days.

Give Ozarks – May 5, 2015  Outside year-end fundraising

windows  One day, 100 percent online via

Give Ozarks website, powered by CFO’s Cause Momentum platform.

 No sign-up/software fee  Region-wide, open to all

nonprofit and school partners  Endowment, operational or project-based

Give Ozarks Sponsors (as of 11/11) Presenting Sponsor:

Platinum Sponsors:

Give Ozarks Sponsors Silver Sponsors:

Bronze Sponsors:

Example of Give Ozarks home page

Example of Give Ozarks Leaderboard page

Example of Give Ozarks Agency page

Why May 5?  CFO joining with Greater St. Louis Community

Foundation in hopes of growing into statewide event.  Outside of typical fundraising windows – year-end; United

Way campaign.  Part of Give Local America, which includes community

foundations across the country.  #GivingTuesday (after Thanksgiving) crowded

and may interfere with your year-end efforts.

Three Fundraising Options  Operational Funds  Specific Project  Endowment Building

Operational and Project  Eligible for prize money, such as Power Hours; most

unique donors, etc.  Donations made to the CFO, reconciled after event,

placed in the fund of the agency’s choosing to draw on anytime after.

Endowment     

Will be selected by application process CFO will match 1:1 up to $5,000 for selected agencies. Application available at Application deadline is: 5 p.m., Friday, Jan. 30. Agencies can expand existing endowments or start an endowment (minimum is $10,000).  Endowment agencies also eligible for other prize money.  Endowment application at:

Prizes and Sponsorships  $100,000 available from CFO for 1:1 endowment

matches.  Goal is another $90,000 to $100,000 in prize funds.  Agencies encouraged to find your own donor matches or

sponsorships.  Agency matches need to be deposited with the CFO ahead

of day, or made online during the day (no day-of checks), to function as “real-time” matches.

Examples of Prizes These are potential examples; the prize structure will be solidified for second training session.  Power Hours: Top 3 to 5 agencies with most unique donors during specific hours.  Highest number of overall unique donors.  “Golden Tickets” – random drawings of all agencies that receive donations during a certain time period.  Matches to agencies within specific geographic areas from affiliates or business sponsors.  Matches to agencies within a specific sub-category, i.e., arts or environment.

Benefits for Nonprofits  Online giving is showing year-over-year increase of about 13 percent.

Giving Days help introduce and reinforce new giving behaviors that can help lead to greater year-round giving.  While online giving accounts for about 8 percent of total giving, it’s an

important channel to raise awareness and grow a network of supporters, particularly through social media.  Younger donors may be more likely to give during a Giving Day if they

know their smaller dollars will be matched for greater impact.  First-time donors comprised 42 percent in a national


Benefits for Nonprofits  Giving Days capitalize on a moment in time to create energy and

momentum to a particular cause or organization.  The competitive aspect empowers individuals to use their peer influence

to engage other donors who may not already know about an organization’s work.  Participating in a Giving Day can raise a nonprofit’s public image

considerably and expand its circle of supporters beyond the usual suspects.  No matter an organization’s size or budget,

an online Giving Day levels the playing field by giving organizations of all shapes and sizes the ability to compete.

CFO’s Responsibilities  Seek partners for grants and prizes.  Create a common message and brand for Give Ozarks.  Provide a Nonprofit Toolkit with resources for nonprofits.  Provide training sessions to prepare nonprofits for Give

Ozarks Day.  Serve as the liaison between nonprofits and the donation platform.  Raise awareness in the community and generate media interest in the event.

CFO’s Responsibilities  Inform donors via ongoing correspondence   

(newsletters, events, social media, etc.). Highlight participating nonprofits on Facebook and Twitter. Use websites to spread the word about Give Ozarks. Offer ongoing support to nonprofits for technical assistance. Plan day-of event to generate awareness.

Nonprofits’ Responsibilities  Get agency leadership and board support for your participation.  Decide on goal: Project, Operational, or Endowment.  Attend training sessions.  Create a profile page for your organization on the Give Ozarks

website.  Post Give Ozarks link on your website.  Consider seeking matching sponsors for your agency.

Nonprofits’ Responsibilities  Prepare your own marketing and promotion efforts using

provided tools and templates.  Identify a volunteer, board member or supporter to be

main point person for your organization.  Broadcast news about Give Ozarks Day using existing

communication vehicles.  Use social media to publicize your participation in Give

Ozarks.  Send thank-you notes to your donors.

Examples of Toolkit Items  Checklist  Timeline  Marketing guidelines

 Email blast template(s)  News Release template(s)  Social media resources and tips

Financial Breakdown  No upfront fee to participate.  Donations will be disbursed to selected fund after Give

Ozarks’ full reconciliation (several weeks).  1 percent platform fee taken by CFO at time

of transfer.  Any 3.5 percent transaction fees not covered by donors

deducted before funds transfer.

Financial Breakdown Example: Nonprofit raises $5,000 on Give Ozarks Day $5,000 in donations $175 – Deduct 3.5 percent credit-card fees ______ $4,825 $48.25 – Deduct 1 percent platform fee ______ $4,776.75 – Net to Agency (Add $2,500 prize would mean $7,276.75!)

Future training workshops  Tuesday, Feb. 10: 9-11 a.m., location TBD  Wednesday, April 8: 9-11 a.m., location TBD

Next Steps  Discuss participation and goals (project, operational,

endowment) with your leadership and board.  Sign up to participate at  If interested in endowment match, submit application by

5 p.m., Friday, Dec. 30. Application form at  Put next training sessions on your calendars.

Resources  List of Frequently Asked Questions on  Knight Foundation Giving Day resource guide: Contact Information: Matt Lemmon: [email protected] Louise Knauer: [email protected] Julie Leeth: [email protected]

 Video recap of Communities Foundation of North

Texas 2014 experience.


Part II: Building Awareness  Dan Prater, Director of the Center for Nonprofit

Communications at Drury University.

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