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January 5, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Business, Management, Hospitality Management
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Know what you want to do after you graduate from college?

Like to travel?

Have been to another country?

Would like the opportunity to fly to work each week? Knew there were jobs where you could to fly to work each week?

Know anyone who is a “Consultant”?

Understand what a ‘Consultant’ actually does?

Global Consulting

Michael J. Vasicek May, 2014

Northwood University graduate ◦ MBA: Business Management ◦ BBA: Business Management

Global Consultant ◦ Accenture

Traveled to 32 countries ◦ Global Entry, Sky Priority, 68 Passport Stamps, 6 Visas

Giving professional advice

A firm or person with expert knowledge/resources to execute a role or division of business

Consulting is across all fields of business ◦ Software, Six Sigma, Accounting, Cooking, Interior Decorating, etc.

Just to name a few… 


McKinsey & Company



Tata Consulting Services


Back Office Associates

Bain & Company

Judge Group


Ernst & Young

The Boston Consulting Group

Working with an international client

Providing professional advice at an international level

Traveling to foreign sites to provide on-site support and management

Relocating under a Work Visa or Work Permit

Becoming a expatriate

Complete a degree in your field of interest

Get as much work experience as you can

Become a SME (subject matter expert)

Network and identify key individuals ◦ People who work at Fortune 500 firms ◦ People who work for major consulting firms

Build relationships ◦ Ask for entry level positions

Worked full-time during my college tenure

Heavily involved in the community ◦ Community Business Committees ◦ Non-Profit Board of Directors ◦ Volunteered often

Attended business conferences, Chamber of Commerce events, etc.

Recruited by an Accenture Manager

Campus Speakers/Events

DECA or similar organizations ◦ Attend conferences/workshops

Community Committees ◦ MDBA – Midland Downtown Business Association ◦ MyPros – Midland Young Professionals ◦ Bay City Players Marketing Committee

Board of Directors ◦ Bay City Players

Quickly became an SME in my area of work

Asked for additional work

Drafted proposals for work efficiency changes

Offered assistance where issues arose

Asked for travel opportunities

Management Consulting ◦ Project Management  Served on 9 Projects

Global Testing SME/Data Project Manager

International work experience: ◦ Brasil, China, India, The Netherlands and Belgium

Certifications ◦ SAP Bootcamp ◦ ISTQB – Global Testing Certification

Michael J. Vasicek 王思科 [email protected] +1 989 859 4341

Become Global, Not Just Local.

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