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March 28, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Social Science, Sociology, Globalization
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NAME _________________________________________________ DATE _________________________ GLOBALIZATION SOCRATIC SEMINAR The paper on this seminar will be counted as a Project Grade for the second marking period. In order to complete the paper you must first complete the Socratic Seminar. See the guidelines below for the paper. Be sure to draw on all the resources that were provided FUNCTIONS OF MONEY: SOCRATIC SEMINAR PART I: SOCRATIC SEMINAR QUESTIONS [QUIZ GRADE] Part of completing the Socratic Seminar is preparing for the possible questions you may have to discuss. You will find the list of these questions on this sheet. As you are preparing, you may want to find key quotes from the text that could support your response. Remember, that in the Socratic Seminar ALL students are required to respond and speak during their appointed time. Your notes/response to each of the following questions will count as a quiz grade for the second marking period. 1.

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How does globalization impact the world? What new developments have facilitated the creation of a more interconnected world? Is the concept of globalization a benefit or detriment to our development? What implications does this have for the future of the international community? What is outsourcing? How does this concept impact developing economies? How is this related to globalization? Is outsourcing a positive or negative force in the future of the developing world? How does immigration impact the American Economy? What impact do illegal immigrants have on the growth of the United States? How can the issue of immigration be connected to globalization? Do you feel there is an economic need for immigration reform? Why or why not? What potential plans do you feel would benefit American Society?

You will not know ahead of time which question that you are required to answer. You may bring up notes that YOU prepared ahead of time to help you respond to the question. The more organized you are the more effective you will be when completing the assignment. In order to produce a more effective argument you may want to use the following format for each question: Response to Question Key Points to make in conversation Key Quotes from Text to support response Successful assignments will consist of students who create this chart for EACH topic presented. You will be provided with templates and encouraged to use them. PART II: SEMINAR REACTION SHEET AND CIRCLE PARTICIPATION [EXAM GRADE] All students must complete the seminar reaction sheet as well as engage in conversation during the Socratic Seminar. The completed sheet will be submitted and counted along with participation grade for an exam grade. PAPER ASSIGNMENT [PROJECT GRADE] Select ONE of the questions discussed in the Socratic Seminar. Respond to the question in 2-3 typewritten pages. Within the context of your response you should include:   

Evidence from the text provided in class or resources you have found. Evidence provided in the Socratic seminar discussion. Your opinion.

Your work should be neatly organized and utilize a heading including your name, school, class, instructor, and date. You may email your final paper to [email protected] OR you may submit it in print form.

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