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Google AdSense

Presented by: Naresh Gourishetty


Agenda 1. Introduction 2. Understanding Google AdSense 3. How to create AdSense account 4. Advantages of Google AdSense

5. How does AdSense work? 6. Ways to boost your AdSense earnings. 7. Kinds of AdSense

8. Pros & Cons of AdSense 9. Conclusion


Introduction AdSense is a program enables website owners to monetize their website and make additional income. It is simple and easy to implement AdSense on your website. The driving force for Google AdSense System is Google AdWords ads.


Understanding Google AdSense • Webmasters need only to insert a Google generated java script into the web page or website template. • Google's spider parses the AdServing website and serves ads that relate to the website's content.

• The java script calls the ad from Google and will ensure that ads are served each time a visitor goes to the web page.


How to Create AdSense account?


Advantages of Google AdSense • Simple and quick method to earn by just creating a Google AdSense account.

• Inexpensive technique for advertising products. • It blocks certain ads from appearing in Web pages. For e.g. Competitor’s ads • Payment is done via EFT(Electronic Fund Transfer). • Site owners looking for ads that match their site content and purpose, have an easy access to desired advertisements through AdSense. • Google search box facility in the web site, increases the chances of a customer clicking.


How does AdSense work? Bicycle Scenario Joe’s Bicycle Shop has a website and decides to give AdSense a try.

He installs the Google software into the code in his website and configures the layout designs.


How does AdSense work? AdSense searches through the content of Joe’s website and identifies several key words related to bicycles




bike repair

tricycle racing

Pedal tour bike



Bike paths


Bike repair

tour bike


How does AdSense work? AdSense reports these key words back to Google, where they are matched up with advertisers marketing around those same key words.

Ads from those advertisers are placed on Joe’s website.

5th Annual Bike Race Sign up today!!

Tony’sBike Helmets The best helmets for serious riders.


How does AdSense work? Sally is a visitor to Joe’s website. She’s an avid cyclist and is looking for new tires for her racing bike. While she's on Joe’s site, she notices an ad for an upcoming race that she is interested in. Sally clicks on the race advertisement to learn more about the event, and she’s taken to the race sponsor’s website.

5th Annual Bike Race Sign up today!!


How does AdSense work? The race sponsors who placed the ad on Google will now pay Google for that visitor to their site.

And Google will pay Joe a portion of those proceeds.


Ways to boost your AdSense earnings • Concentrate on format of AdSense ad. • Choose custom palettes for the ads. • Put all the AdSense ads on top of the Web page . • Maintain links to other relevant websites. • Automate the insertion of AdSense code into web pages using SSI(Server Side included)


Kinds of AdSense 1. AdSense for Content automatically crawls the content of your pages and delivers ads that are relevant to your audience and your site content. This is the kind that Joe had on his site.

2. AdSense for Search places a Google web and site search on your webpage. Google returns search results to your website visitor.

You earn money if the visitor clicks on Google ads on the search results page. 13

Pros & Cons of AdSense Pros 1. Webmasters can now concentrate on publishing quality content. 2. Content should be updated from time to time and the income will keep coming in. 3. You can publish multiple ads and also you can block the ads.

Cons 1. AdSense account can be closed by Google at any time in case of fraud. 2. The Google AdSense program does not provide residual income.

3. Most content websites depend on search engines for traffic. 4. You’ll need to keep adding content to keep your website interesting.


Conclusion Google AdSense can be an additional revenue source for some businesses, but it’s not right for every business. Google AdWords can provide great supplemental income to webmasters with content sites.

Implementing and maintaining Google AdSense program on a content site requires very little effort and can often bring a steady stream of additional revenue for webmasters.


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