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January 26, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Social Science, Political Science, Government
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Government Service Platform and MyEGov Portal Introduction

Research, Development and Evaluation Commission, Executive Yuan

Agenda • • • • •

Background: Taiwan e-Government Program Vision: Common Platform Roadmap Strategy: Central GSP Implementation: GSP Solution Architecture Benefits

e-Government Common Platform in Taiwan

Background: e-Government Program • e-Government Program is a part of e-Taiwan project (20022008), which is composed of e-Government, e-Industry, eSociety, and e-Infrastructure. • The e-Government Program aims for putting all government agencies and government employees online, placing over 1,500 government application services online, and eliminating all household and land registration certificates. • This program aims to link all government agencies through networking and to provide versatile Internet-based services as the “e-Government” system. • Built e-Government Common Platform as a “Gateway System.” The function is to integrate interdepartmental information and simplify related operational processes.

Background: Goals of e-Government • To provide online services to all agencies and civil servants via the Government Service Network (GSN). • To encourage the government workforce at all organizational levels to take advantage of the Internet to conduct administrative business and provide public service in a more efficient manner. • To promote communication and document interchange between organizations at different levels. • To improve the convenience and efficiency of government services by providing over 1,500 Internet-based application services and “one-stop processing services.”

Vision: e-Government Vision •

To employ information and Government communications technology in support of government reengineering, provide innovative services, improve administrative efficiency, and raise the quality of public service. To enable government agencies, businesses, and the public to conveniently obtain a variety of government services via a broad range of channels at any time and place, and to provide integrated, innovative interdepartmental services.


24x7 Services One-stop Services Multi-channel Services

InfoCom e-Government

e-Government is anytime, anywhere and for anyone.

Strategy: Standardize and Streamline e-Government Services • To provide a single integrated view of the government – – – –

Single sign on (SSO). Service registration. Service integration. Electronic payment.

• To solve many of the tough problems faced individually by departments – – – –

Strengthens government online services. Integrate with the e-government entrance websites. Provides various service channel for e-government services. Accelerates the implementation of e-integrated services.

Strategy : Central Common Platform (GSP) at e-Government Gateway Site Users

Portal / App

Government Service Platform Core Module

My EGov Portal

Exchange Module

Legacy Systems Banking

E-Payment Service Integration Service Entry

Directory Service


Authentication Authorization

Public Servant

Registration Service

Information Interchange Infrastructure

Directory Exchange

Gov Applications/ Innovation Systems

Operation Management

Government Legacy Systems

Gov Directories GDS










Implementation: Government Service Platform Module PT Content Management



Message Broker (machine interface)

e-Mail e-DM


GUI (user interface)

OID Registration and Management Service Registration and

Community Registration and Management Users Registration and Management

Organization Registration and Management


Government Directory Service

Pipeline Design User Directory Service


Authentication and Authorization


Client Side Security Module AA Repository Management

Single Sign On Search Engine


Web Camera

Flow Design

Flow Execution Control

Flow Version Management

Mobile APP etc.


Electronic Payment System

Service Monitoring / Reporting


Message Processing

Application Directory Service

Directory exchange Community Services



Reliable Messaging Outbound Channel Inbound Channel Exception Handling

Payment Gateway

Event / Log Management Configuration Management Other Management Functions…

LILI Platform Platform Message Message Exchange Exchange LegacySystem System Legacy Message Message Exchange Exchange Operation Operation Management Management

Implementation: Core Standard • e-Service Transport Protocol (based on web services) – – – –

SOAP over Http/Https. WSDL. WS-security. XML schema definition for government information exchange.

• Government PKI – X509 v3 Certificate. – OCSP for online certificate verification. – CRL for offline certificate verification.

Implementation: Core Standard • Directory Data Exchange – LDAP (synchronize mode). – LDIF/DSML (asynchronize mode).

• ePayment Transport Protocol – ISO8583(Credit Card). – Trip-Combo Card.

Benefits-GSP • Government Service Platform (GSP) has been becoming the core operation platform of Taiwan e-Government – providing cross-department SSO services.

– providing integration of Web Services. – providing on-line e-payment services. – providing cross-department data inter-change services. – providing national directory services.

MyEGov Portal Introduction

Agenda • • • • •

MyEGov’s Debut Our Goals Our Services Achievements MyEGov Portal Service Snapshots

MyEGov’s Debut •

My E-Government (MyEGov) was launched in 2001. – The main services of MyEGov include information queries, online service delivery, and interactive communication between citizens and the government. – Between year 2006 to year 2012, MyEGov was rebuilt in web 2.0 concept with more integrated services, such as personalized profile, blog, multimedia broadcasting, mobile app, RSS feed subscription and digg services.

Our Goals • To provide the public with a unified website, contain links to all government websites and allow searches for all government information. • To provide the public government online service, such as e-form of download and electronic services. • To provide a unified channel for public to communicate their opinions to the government.

Our Services Information Queries

Online Service Delivery

• Daily News Update • Multimedia Content • Features by Specific Audiences • Powerful Search Engine • Classified Information by Subjects • Government Contact Index • Government Sector App Service

• e-Form Download • Online Application Service • Webcam Streaming Service

Interactive Communication • • • • •

Digg Service Facebook YouTube Blog Mobile Web

MyEGov Snapshot (1) •

Webcam Streaming Service – 59 webcams country-wide to promote Taiwan resorts by providing live-image service.

MyEGov Snapshot (2) •

Multimedia Content – To provide users multimedia content to learn more about Taiwan culture, scenery, and government public affairs.

MyEGov Snapshot (3) •

Diversified Target Content – To tailor the content according to different segmentation of population. – There are 4 kinds of segmentation at MyEGov, including family, students, female, senior citizens.

MyEGov Snapshot (4) •

Online Application Service – To offer Internet-based online service and e-Form download service for citizens.

MyEGov Snapshot (5) •

Digg Service – To provide a platform for users to discover and share content.

MyEGov Snapshot (6) •

Mobile App & Mobile Web – To provide mobile service for citizen to access via smartphone and tablet – To collect apps information from government asectors

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