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GREEN ROOFS - Total Waterproofing Company

Company Profile • Total waterproofing Company is as the name suggests involved mainly in the business of waterproofing • Roofs, walls (South west), expansion joints, bathrooms, water tanks. • Basements and under ground tunnel. • Some of our esteemed clients are as follows. • Kamat builders Pnajim. • Universal Beverages.

• Usha Ispat Ltd. • MPT, Marmagoa • ITC Ltd. Calcutta.

REASONS FOR CHANGE • We in Goa and along the West coast of India live in a hot, humid tropical climate where the rainfall is heavy. The houses should be built to keep the interior of the building as cool as possible, reduce humidity and remain dry in the monsoon. • Heavy rain during the monsoons raises the humidity which encourages the growth of moss on the roof which making it look black and ugly.


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HEATING During the day the heat from the sun heats the top most floor of the building. The floors below get hot to a lesser extent. Lower floors receive most of the heat from the walls. The heat coming from the walls depends on the height of the walls and the number of floors in the building. Greater the height of the walls and larger number of floors more heat accumulates inside the building. Humidity can accumulate if the ventilation is poor, especially if hot air is unable to escape from inside the building. LEAKAGE Leakages occur in RCC roofs due to cyclical expansion and contraction in the slab from cracks, construction & expansion joints. Honey combing within the slab and also due to poor leveling of the top finished surfaces contributes to leakages. If inclination of the RCC sloping slabs is less than 25 degrees the possibility of leakage is more. Less inclination restricts the height of the roof from the inside reducing the air space above, contributes to heating also It is liable to leak unless waterproof tiles are fitted on the top. Also since the slopes are less on the western side rain is likely to blow in the joints between the tiles in heavy wind and rain making the slab wet.



• Titled Roofs • Sheet Metal

RCC Roofs PROS •

Very safe (thieves )& secure from most elements of the weather.


• CONS •

RCC roofs are costly

RCC roofs absorb heat during the day and can retain them for long periods of time making the house really hot and uncomfortable to live in. Retains humidity unless extremely good ventilation is provided.

Leakage from rain water is very difficult to handle and can recur even if waterproofed.

Construction takes a long time and in case the existing structure requires extension, it becomes very messy and the joint is liable to leak.

Titled Roofs PROS •

Tiled roofs if made high and steep are cool.

Cheaper to make. Quicker to lay and complete.

Cool and comfortable to live in if the roof is steep and very high.


Tiled roofs allow water to wet the rafters which reduce their life span and need constant maintenance.

Tiled roofs also tend to leak very badly if tiles are broken or get shifted.

Unless tiles are moss proofed they become black and look ugly.

Not secure from thief's.

Sheet Metal PROS • Quick to assemble. • Can handle rain water very well if made steep. • Secure from thief's

CONS • Sheet metal roofs have a limited life span (rusting particularly with bird droppings). Nor suitable close to the Sea. • Aesthetics are poor particularly after five years. • can leak from joints if the slope is less. • Very noisy and disturbing in the monsoon. • Expensive to build. • Could be blown off in a storm. • Very hot and humid.


• How do we address these problems? • We at TOTAL WATERPROOFING have conceptualized GREEN ROOFS which largely eliminates most of the above mentioned defects. •

Also it has other advantages over most types of roofs.


• • • • • • •

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These roofs are made of composite treated small steel trusses, board and Mangalore tiles. Steel is painted with primer and painted over with oil paint to protect it from rusting. The boards are screwed down with galvanized screws. On the outside treated Mangalore waterproof tiles are fitted to12 mm boards. The joints of the board are sealed with flexible sealant. These provide the first two waterproof barriers. Tiles are treated in three stages making it waterproof, moss-proof and retain their natural color or painted. Inside of the truss a 6 mm board is nut bolted, its joints sealed and drainage to exterior is provided. This ensures a third waterproof barrier. Very good ventilation is provided. Hot air starts flowing from the base and is let off from openings at the top most point. The roof is made steep to increase the air space inside, and allow for faster drainage of rain water reducing the possibility of leakages. SS netting fitted at the openings to prevents rodents and birds from entering the hollow space inside the roof. Roof ends cover the wall to give protection to the wall from rain and sun.


• COOL Sloping roofs made 30degrees or more, this provides more space to trap hot and moist air, more volume of air increases insulation. Also the large space at the top above the bracing increases the flow of air through the entire structure. Hot air can enter at the base, rise and exit from the apex continuously keeping the structure cool this also reduces humidity. The draught of air increases with the height of the roof. The Insulation of the roof is very high due to double walled with 5” air gap also the air draft extracts heat from the inside.. These roofs end well over the walls reducing the amount of direct sun and rain striking the walls. • GOOD ESTHETICS Steep sloping roofs are more visible. These roofs can be made very steep. Covered with terracotta (or colored) moss proof tiles enhances the esthetics of the building. • COST EFFECTIVE The total cost is less than RCC sloping slabs if the cost of waterproofing from outside, internal plastering of the ceiling and covering with tiles or painting is included. Environment friendly as Less cement & steel is consumed.


Making these types of roofs is much faster than normal RCC roofs. The inside has a finished surface and can be painted directly High degree of waterproofing is achieved as three separate waterproof layers with separate drainage ensure no water enters even if tiles break or misplaced. Joints between the boards are sealed with flexible sealant. •


Concealed lighting and sound system can be easily fitted and supply pipes accommodated in the air gap.

CONTACT DETAILS Total Waterproofing Company. 434, Fatorda Goa 403 603. Ph: 0832 2741187. Mo. 9881095008. F.T. da Costa.

E-mail: [email protected] Web site:

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