Hard-to-reach or hard –to- engage parents

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Reaching Hard to Engage Parents

Shirley Gillespie – Toybox Team Leader Karen McGuigan – Toybox Project Worker Early Years AGM and Conference 9th & 10th June 2011

Aims of the session • Identify hard to engage parents? • Why engage with hard-to-engage parents? • What are the barriers for families accessing support? • Building relationships with parents. • How to best support hard to engage parents. • How can my programme collaborate with existing service providers?

Who are the ‘hard-to-engage’? • • • • • • • •

Working parents Grieving parents Single parent Parents with low educational qualifications Parents with negative background experiences Parents suffering social isolation Parents with mental/health issues Parents with young babies and toddlers.

Why engage with the ‘hard-to-reach’? • The UN Convention on the “Rights of the Child” • So every child has a successful learning experience • Being responsive to individual needs • Parents are their child's first educators and have a wealth of knowledge and experience

Without family involvement, intervention is likely to be unsuccessful, and what few effects are achieved are likely to disappear once intervention is discontinued.

Une Bronfenbrenner (1974)

What are the barriers? Structural and Organisational barriers • • • • • •

Attitudes of communities Culture and ethos of the setting Making assumptions of people Funding/Resources Organisation and routine Policies

Identify parent barriers

Barriers described by parents • • • • • • • •

Language Social (not fitting in) Negative past experiences Fear Family pressures Dislike of formal meetings Lack of confidence, low self-esteem Worried about what they might be told

Describe Practitioner barriers

Barriers described by Practitioners • • • • • •

Limited contact with parents Language / cultural barriers Time constraints Working with challenging parents Limited family information Training and experience

How to overcome the barriers? • Parent and Practitioner

How to address barriers? • Recognise parents as individuals • Recognise the benefits of working in partnership with parents • Agencies working together • Clear vision, direction and goals • Acknowledging family structures

Research indicates where there is parental involvement attainment goes up and behaviour improves.

Kelly-Vance L & Schreck D (2002)

Toybox Process Map Accessing ‘hard to engage’ Traveller Families

Guidance Notes

Forms Identify the family and gather information about this family i.e. from Health Visitor and or T.S.G.

Encourage other services accessing the family to promote the Toybox Project

Leave business card

Visit the family and leave free play resources. Bring information about the Toybox service and other services. Give family information on any training courses and or signpost them to other agencies

Call with the family fortnightly. Make contact by telephone and remind them of Toybox services. Observe and listen to the family.

Keep in contact with services/ agencies the family are accessing

Share with Team Leader at your 1-2-1, updates on these families

Process Map Details Unique ID TB-003

Description Process Map Accessing ‘hard to engage’ Traveller Families

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How can my programme collaborate with existing service providers? • • • • • •

Provide a holistic service Outreach work Networking Have parents as partners Effective communication Signposting

Support we provide

What we have learnt • Dvd “My Child”

Success story - Patrick Mongan • Patrick is 16 years old and is a member of the Travelling community • Lives in an economically disadvantaged area in Belfast • Lives in a 1 parent family • During his early life his family followed their traditions and moved around in their caravan

• Subject to bullying and discrimination

• Great support from his Mum and other family members • Patrick has had consistent education • Attained GCSE’S • Is still at school • A member of Belfast City Young Forum • Delivers Cultural awareness • Volunteer at An Munia Tober youth project • Loves to write stories

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