Harmony in the FAMILY

January 5, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Social Science, Psychology, Abnormal Psychology
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Harmony in the FAMILY

Understanding Values in Human Relationships

Relationships • Feeling or sense of emotional bonding with another; • Relationships are reality of our life; • Relation extends from one self to the entire existence; • FAMILY- basic unit of human interaction;

• Relationship is between oneself and the other self (I); • Self (I) has the feelings in relationship which are definite; • The feelings are fundamental to the relationship and can be recognized; • Recognition and fulfillment of these feelings leads to happiness of all;

Feelings (Values) in Relationship • TRUST- the foundational value • “to be assured that each human being inherently wants oneself and the other to be happy and prosperous.” • Factors affecting Trust: • Intention; • Competence;

• Intention: What one aspires for ( our natural acceptance) • Competence: ability to fulfill the aspiration • Judging oneself on the basis of intention; • Judgment of others on the basis of competence;

RESPECT • Right evaluation- to be evaluated as I am • Disrespect Occurs when there is: Over Evaluation; Under Evaluation; Otherwise Evaluation;

The Scenario Today


Physical Facilities




Race Age

Physical Strength





• AFFECTION Being related to the other; • CARE Nurturing and protecting the body; • GUIDANCE Ensuring right understanding and feelings in the other; • REVERENCE Acceptance of excellence in the other; * Excellence: achievement of right understanding and living with harmony at all levels;

• GLORY Appreciation for the other who has made efforts for excellence; • GRATITUDE Acceptance for those who have made effort for my excellence; • LOVE (the complete value) Being related to all;

• “It is the strength of our relationships, warmth of our friendship, the time we have with our parents, partners and children, the respect we are given in the workplace and by our peers, the achievements we forge collaboratively and collectively, which generates real happiness and fulfillment.”Human values - a beacon for life - YouTube.flv

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