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Creating Healing Space illustrated by the new Glasgow Homoeopathic Hospital and Gardens “We wish to create a place of beauty and healing” Design Brief 1995

Macmon Architects

Jane Kelly - Lead Artist David Reilly - Project Director

“I can feel the healing environment the moment I walk in the door. I love the curves the colours the windows and the garden especially”. Lizzie Farey, Artist

..the consultation begins before the consultation.. you bring your hopes and fears as you walk towards the meeting…

..how that place is, ..and how that person who meets you is… all of it will make an impact…

See I am a magician. I take ordinary objects and by combining them I create mystery. If you enter my colours you enter dream then return to the world refreshed.

Derek Hyatt

So what are we to do about our hospitals? Scientific evidence has now established that the physical environment directly affects the healing responses of human beings

“I love this building to bits. The first time I came here I cried.” Sandra Smith, Ward Sister

Psychoneuroimmunolgy It used to be easy. The mind and body were seen as separate. We had head doctors and body doctors. Then the flat earth became round. Immune cells were found to have receptors for neurotransmitters from our brain. Our feelings and hopes affect our illness and recovery.

“You get encouragement to be yourself here. I can’t think of the words, it’s not like being out of your body but there is a sensation of looking down on yourself and beginning to see what others are seeing.” Patient

“Patients find the atmosphere soothing and relaxing - an ideal setting for people who have suffered physical and emotional stress and pain...” Stephanie, Physiotherapy Dept

”The quality of light in the gym, and the fact that there is an entire wall of glass looking out into the garden means that the view is seasonal, and, dispels the prospective gloom of a working day ahead!”

“The department is a pleasant place to be. Working here reduces my old feelings of my work being entirely separated from the rest of my life.” Stephanie Wilson, Physiotherapy Dept

We were determined from the very beginning that the hospital would more be art, than have art

I mention from experience, as quite perceptible in promoting recovery, the being able to see out of a window… the bright colours of flowers..being able to read in bed by the light of a window… the effects are on the mind and no less so on the body. Florence Nightingale

Views through a window may influence recovery from surgery

Comparing the impact of the view from the hospital window on recovery of two matched groups of post op surgical patients. Indicators included reduction in analgesics, fewer complaints, lower blood pressure, fewer adverse observations by staff and earlier discharge in those in the room with a view of the landscaped grounds compared to those with only a brick wall in view. Ulrich R.Science 1984;224:420-421.

We will still need to see, hear, smell, taste and touch real things in order to confirm their presence and make sense of our own existence…. within the direct physical, humane experience of material reality. Jane Hamlyn 1995

“The garden gives you the chance to relax. I get lost in that garden, sucked into the trees and the birds in the sky. Before I would see these things but I didn’t connect to them – it is another world – I have learned to appreciate it, and it does something to you, it’s amazing.” Patient

Sometimes patients even sit in the garden in the Scottish rain

From a patient’s letter Thank you so much for everything you have created at the hospital. I wonder if you realise how important it is to those of us who depend upon its environment to calm us, strengthen us, and then send us out into the world to cope for another while.

An in-patient’s experience… One evening, when I couldn’t sleep I stepped out into the garden and into another world. The paths, were ribbons of earth captured moonlight.

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