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RA Information Session

Presented by: Rob Gutierrez REC Longwood Village [email protected]

What is a Resident Assistant A Resident Assistant (RA) is a student staff member that resides in a Longwood-managed living community to ensure the safety and well being of their residents. RAs host programs for their residents, community, and the campus. RAs provide assistance with emergencies, conflicts, facilities issues, and general student needs.

Why would you want to be an Resident Assistant? Hold a leadership position on campus Development of a variety of transferable skills that are appealing to graduate schools and employers. A fun and exciting work environment with daily supervision from a professional staff member. The opportunity to be a part of one of the longest running traditions at Longwood!

Whats in it for me? Room Stipend RA Room is paid for

Board Block 160 + $300 for Main Campus RAs Block 80 + $300 for Apartments RAs

How will I be ready? Spring Training and Leadership Workshop (STLW) April 12, 2015

Fall Training and Leadership Workshop (FTLW) August 11, 2015

Winter Training and Leadership Workshop (WTLW) January 13, 2016

Intro To Residence Life (IRL) Class Fall Semester 2015

Eligibility GPA Cumulative at least 2.5 or higher

No active judicial record Includes probationary period

Must be able to commit to a full year in the position This disqualifies students who will be student teaching, studying abroad, or playing a varsity sport.

The Process Application Select Employment Opportunities (on the left) New RA Application Fill out and Submit online Due by December 1st at noon Must have your references complete a reference check

Interviews Group Interview process Individual interview process

Desk Aide (DA) Staff the front desks in residence halls and apartment communities

Responsible for the security and safety of the residents of all Longwood-managed communities Uphold all residence hall policies and the Longwood Code of Conduct

Who can be a desk aide? Upperclassmen

Must have a GPA of 2.0 or higher On campus DA Federal Work Study

Apartment DA College Work Study

Applications will be out in the in the Spring semester

Any questions?

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