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Using Forum Theatre to engage Young People Eleni Argy, Lisa Kennedy, Nikki Haddock, Sabrina Urrutia and Sharne Tucker August 24, 2011

About YWCA NSW • A community services organization led by women • Around for over 130 years •Aim to support people at critical times •We develop skilled and contributing individuals and support their families

•Our purpose is to develop resilient, connected people engaged in their community •Our strategic focus is ‘Y It Takes A Village’


Forum Theatre Background & History • Created by practitioner Augusto Boal which he called "Theatre of the Oppressed” • Consists of 'simultaneous dramaturgy‘ •Technique is used today in community development and international development work


Why Forum Theatre • Forum theatre is a technique used for behaviour change • Uses a participatory learning approach • Illustrates attitudes, behaviours, values • Theatre WITH people has shown that it yields greater results than theatre FOR the people

• Drama is a safe way to explore issues in young people’s lives but the fiction allows some distance and safety

Today’s Presentation • Deliver a workshop from ‘Paths to Potential’ course on Anger Management and Decision-Making • Run it once- the audience is to maintain a critical eye and identify moments of intervention •Run it again- the audience members can actively participate/ perform


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