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US Army Ranger By William Cochran

Background  I want to be a US Army Ranger. I have chosen this career because of its stability and its challenge. I feel that the rigorous training and high paced job function will provide me with the challenge and excitement I search for in life. Also, its pays well enough to support a family and supplies housing and insurance. This career choice gives my family a chance to go to college as well.

Outline  Information about my career path  Requirements and training

My career  The US Army Rangers are the elite infantry force.  Fast paced deployments with longer times off to make up for this pace. Time at home consists of training.

 (“Duty With the 75th”)

Advantages/Disadvantages  Advantages: Stable, insurance for family, housing, education for my family, and challenging.  Disadvantages: Dangerous, a lot of time spent away from family.

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Education Necessary  High School Education required as well as military training

 (“Joining the Rangers”)

Salary/Benefits     

Entry level pay is $1,516.20 a month Housing Health Insurance Life Insurance GI Bill

 (“Military Benefits” and “Military Careers”)

Opportunity for Advancement  As with any military career you move up in rank depending on performance and time served.

(“Military Careers”)

Interesting Tidbits and Facts  Abraham Lincoln was a ranger.  Ranger history predates the revolutionary war.

 (“Heritage”)

Requirements  Minimum ASVAB GT score of 105  Minimum PT score of 240 (80%)

 (“Joining”)

Training Required  Basic training  Airborne  RASP

 (“Training”)

Final Words  I wish to serve my country as a US Army Ranger. This can be done by going to a recruiter and signing a Ranger contract, provided you meet the requirements and there are spots open. With some luck and some extra training I believe I can one day accomplish this goal.

 (“Joining the Rangers” and “Training”)

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