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Family Name

Given Name





25 April 1970

Nationality and Citizenship:


Name: Date of Birth:

Address: By request Personal Address:

Telephone No(s): by request E-mail Address: [email protected], [email protected]

II. EDUCATION Year of Graduation







MT (= M.Eng)


ST (= B.Eng)


Major / Field

Hitotsubashi University, Tokyo, Japan Hitotsubashi University, Tokyo, Japan Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB), Bandung Indonesia Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB), Bandung Indonesia

Public Economics Public Economics Industrial Engineering and Management Geophysical Engineering

Other Certified Trainings: August 2008

Training of Trainers (TOT) on Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA) method. The British Embassy - The Asia Foundation (TAF) – LPEM FEUI

May – June 2008

Local Finance Comparative Studies, Germany – Hungary. InWent GmbH and Open Society Institute – Local Government Initiative (OSI LGI)

April 2008 March 2009

TOT for the Lecturers of the Local Finance Course. Ministry of Finance (MoF)

April 2008

TOT on Participatory Learning Method for the Lecturers of the Local Finance Course. MoF – InWent GmbH

August 2002

Public Budgeting and Fiscal Management, Fiscal Policy Summer Course, Andrew Young School of Policy Studies, Georgia State University, Atlanta, USA


III. OTHER PROFESSIONAL QUALIFICATIONS Membership in Professional Societies: - The Regional Science Association International, Member - Indonesian Regional Science Association, Member Language Capability: Language Basic

Read Fair

`Bahasa Indonesia English

Fluent  


Write Fair

Fluent  


Speak Fair

Fluent  


Public Finance Management Fiscal Issues esp. Fiscal Decentralization Regional/Development Economics Regulatory Impact Assessment Capacity Building for Civil Servants



Aug 2011








Position held and main responsibilities

ERIA (Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East Asia)

Researcher  Undertake analytical and quantitative policy-oriented research and make policy recommendations on the topics of deepening economic integration, narrowing development gaps and sustainable development within East Asia.  Manage research projects undertaken by researchers and consultants contracted by the ERIA.  Liaise with the governments, business representatives and, international organizations within East Asia and other relevant organization.  Give lectures to the government officials

Faculty of Economics, University of Indonesia Institute for Economic and Social Research, Faculty of Economics, University of Indonesia Faculty of Economics, University of Indonesia

Deputy Head, Economics Department Research Associate (Affiliate) / Conducting the research particularly in public economics area. Lecturer in Graduate School of Planning and Public Policy Program, Graduate School of Economics, Graduate School of Accounting, International Program, and Undergraduate Program / Courses: State Finance, Fiscal Decentralization, Regional

Jan 2009


Ministry of Finance, Republic of Indonesia

May 2010

Jun 2011

The World Bank


Dec 2009

Department of Economics, Faculty of Economics, University of Indonesia



Training Center of LPEM FE UI

Jan 2008

Dec 2008


Oct 2008


InWent GmBH





Asian Public Policy Program, Graduate School of International and Public Policy, Hitotsubashi University, Japan Robertson Research International, PT Horizon Nusantara Eksplora (Upstream Oil and Gas Consultancy), Indonesia

Economics, Public Economics, Mathematical Economics, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics Finance Minister’s Advisor Team for Fiscal Decentralization - Policies advice on decentralization - Research on Fiscal Decentralization Policy - Coordinator for DKI Jakarta Consultant: Economist Improvement of “Grand Design of Fiscal Decentralization in Indonesia”. Associate Director of PHK B (B-Grant Competitive Program) / Managing approx. Rp1.2 billions/year for various programs of capacity building and public service improvement to combat the problems of high cost economy in the regions and to increase regions’ competitiveness. Instructor/Lecturer for various courses: Development Planning (FPP of Bappenas), Local Finance Courses (KKD/LKD of MoF), and other Regulatory Impact Assessment courses (Bappenas, Min of Trade, Min of Industry, etc.) Subjects: Public Economics, Central-Local Fiscal Relationship, Public-Private Partnerships, Investment Analysis, RIA Method, Case Studies. Team Leader for Matching Grant (DAK) Secretariat / Responsible for managing the research, analysis, monitoring and evaluation of DAK transfer. Materials Developer and Board of Editors for Local Finance Course / Developing the materials to be used in Local Finance Course (KKD/LKD of MoF) and editing the series of publication. International Trainer on Participatory Method for Local Finance Course Teachers / Together with 2 other international trainers, conduct the training for trainers Teaching Assistant / Courses: Macroeconomics, Economic Analysis of Public Sector Geophysicist / Data processing and interpretation of seismic record to determine locations and size of oil and gas reservations.




Employer / Client / Country

Position Held / Main Responsibilities and Outputs

Mar 2011


Apr 2011

Mar 2012

Founder Resource Person and Consultant for local taxation development Consultant

Oct 2009

Mar 2011

Local Taxation Development Program (P3D) LPEM ADB / MoF and MoPW / Indonesia IndII AusAID / MoF / Indonesia

July 2009

Dec 2009

MoF / Risk Management Unit / Indonesia

Consultant for formulating Finance Minister’s Regulation concerning Central Government guarantee for Infrastructures in Regions under Public Private Partnership scheme.

Nov 2008

Dec 2008

MoF / USAID / Indonesia

Team Member: Grand Design of Indonesia’s Fiscal Decentralization / Together with the team developed the concept and strategies of Fiscal Decentralization in Indonesia

Aug 2008

May 2009

The Asia Foundation / MoF and MoT / Indonesia

Team Leader: Technical Assistance for Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA) at MoF and MoT / Conducting RIA Training of Trainers (RIA ToT) for teams from MoF and MoT and giving advice on performing RIA in the Directorate Local Taxes and Local Retribution of MoF specifically on the current draft of local taxes regulation.

July 2008

April 2009

LPEM / JICA / Indonesia

Advisor for JICA DPL V and VI, Monitoring the Development Policy Loan from JICA to the GoI

Oct 2007

Feb 2008

MoF and LGI OSI / Indonesia

Team member: Capacity Building of Local Government (LPEM - MoF - LGI OSI) / Developing the curriculum and materials for local government capacity building.

Aug 2005

Oct 2005

FEUI team / Bappenas, Supporting member: National Action Plans on Fiscal MoHA, MoF/ Indonesia Decentralization, 2005-2009 / As a team member to formulate the national action plans to set intergovernmental financial arrangements between the central, provincial and district levels of government

Jan 2004

Jun 2004

LPEM FEUI / MoF / Indonesia

Local Expert in Institutional Aspects of Equalization Grants System / Giving advice on determining and examining the institutional setting and problems regarding equalization grants system, including local institutions capability assessment.

Oct 2003

Mar 2004

LPEM / OSI LGI / Indonesia

Team Leader: The Indonesian Network of Fiscal Decentralization and Regional Economic Development /

Consultant for revision of Government Regulation (PP) on Grants for Regions and development of Hibah System.

Coordinating stakeholders (local government and academicians) to conduct research on Fiscal Decentralization and Regional Economic Development Oct 2003

Jan 2004

GSU Padco – USAID / GoI/ Indonesia

Team member: Improved Intergovernmental Coordination / Mapping the problems of intergovernmental coordination both on the same level of government (i.e. national v. national, regional v. regional), and on the different levels of government (i.e. national v. regional)

VII. WRITINGS AND PUBLICATIONS Dissertation: Political Economy of Decentralization in Indonesia: Macro and Micro Perspectives Main Advisor: Prof. Shinji Asanuma, Prof. Hisanobu Shishido, Prof. Motohiro Sato Panel Advisors: Prof. Motohiro Sato and Prof. Yasuhiro Maehara Main Papers: 1. Political Economy of Democratization and Decentralization 2. Fiscal Decentralization and Economic Growth 3. Political Economy of Local Public Services 4. Decentralized Healthcare: Case Study of Three Kabupatens Papers: “Local Political Economy and Decentralized Healthcare in Indonesia”, (with Astrid Dita P.R.), Proc., presented in The 56th Annual Conference, North American Meetings of the Regional Science Association International, San Francisco, November 18-21, 2009. “Fiscal Decentralization and Economic Growth: Evidence from Indonesia”, Journal of Economics and Finance in Indonesia, February 2008. “On Measurement of Fiscal Decentralization in Indonesia”, Proceeding, presented in The 53rd Annual Conference, North American Meetings of the Regional Science Association International, Toronto, November 16-18, 2006. “Determinants of Local Government Expenditures: The Case of Indonesia”, Proceeding, presented in The 52nd Annual Conference, North American Meetings of the Regional Science Association International, Las Vegas, November 10-12, 2005. “Income Tax Sharing in Indonesia”, Bulletin of The Indonesian Network of Fiscal Decentralization and Regional Economic Development, LPEM FEUI and LGI-OSI, Juni 2003. Chapter in Books: “Diversification in Indonesia: Its Dynamics and Policy Issues”, (Upcoming circa late 2010), Revenue Watch Institute, London, UK. “Country Profile: Republic of Indonesia”, (with Bambang Brodjonegoro) in: Decentralization and Local Governments in the World: Country Profile, United Cities and Local Governments, Global Observatory on Local Democracy and 5

Desentralisation, 2008. “Civil Society and Local Governance in Indonesia: Growing Up through Difficult Times”, (with Bambang Brodjonegoro) in: City Society and Local Governance, EROPA Local Government Center, 2006, Tokyo, Japan. “Determinants of Local Government Expenditures: The Case of Indonesia Pre- and First Year of Decentralization”, in: Regional Development in Transition: Governance, Public Services and Eco-Tourism, IRSA and PSE-KP, Universitas Gadjah Mada, 2003, Indonesia. “The Role Of Free Trade Zones In Indonesia Economy: A Case Of Batam Island” (with Bambang Brodjonegoro), in: Indonesia’s Sustainable Development in a Decentralization Era, IRSA, 2002, Jakarta, Indonesia. ISBN 979-969890-1. “Jakarta Next: A Global City In Decentralization Format?”, presented in University of Indonesia & The University of Melbourne International Seminar on Urbanization at The Information Age: New Perspective on The Transformation of Fast Growing Cities in The Pacific Rim, Agustus 22-23, 2001, Universitas Indonesia, Jakarta - Indonesia Forthcoming Books: Series of Case Studies in Local Financial Management: Participatory Planning and Budgeting in Sumedang (Author and Editor), Expenditure Management in Makassar (Ed.), Revenue Management in Bengkalis (Ed.), 2010, InWEnt GmBH – LPEM FEUI - MOF. Method Manual for Participatory Learning (Ed.), 2010, InWEnt GmBH.


Diversification in Resources Rich Countries: Case of Indonesia (Consultant), RWI, 2010.

Synergic of Central-Local Planning and Spending (Co Team Leader), MOF, 2010.

Fiscal Decentralization and Economic Development (Team Leader), MOF, 2009.

Decentralized Health Care in Indonesia: Case Study (Team Leader), Dept of Economics, University of Indonesia, 2009.

Case Study Local Financial Management Training (International Trainer, Editor, and Author), Internationale Weiterbildung und Entwicklung gGmbH, 2008 – now.

Mapping Donor Activities (Team Leader), JBIC, 2009.

Monitoring on DPL in Indonesia (Team Leader), JBIC, 2009.

Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA) Technical Assistance in Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Trade (Team Leader), TAF-LPEM – MoF - MoT, 2008.

Time Release Study (Custom Release), World Bank, 2008.

Economic Potential of LNG Industrial Development in East Java, 4GASB, 2008.

Capacity Building for Local Government, LPEM - MoF - LGI OSI, 2007-2008.

Effectiveness of Verification on Timber Exporters in Indonesia (Team Leader), Sucofindo, 2007

Multiplier Effect of Nickel Mining on Local Economy (Team Leader), INCO, 2004

Improved Intergovernmental Coordination, GSRUF USAID, 2003

Towards Jakarta Megapolitan 2020, Bappeda DKI Jakarta, 2003

The Indonesian Network of Fiscal Decentralization and Regional Economic Development, LGI OSI, 2003

Institutional Aspects of Equalization Grants System, MOF, 2003

Study of Potential Revenue of Jakarta in a Decentralized System, Bappeda DKI Jakarta, 2003

Comprehensive Study on Implementation of Free Trade Zone in Indonesia, Ministry of Finance, 2001

Economic Policy of Sabang as a Free Port and Free Trade Zone, Coordinating Ministry of Economic and Finance, Indonesia, 2000

Study of Decentralization Impact on the Natural Resources Management (Team Leader), NRM-USAID, 2000

Study of Decentralization Impact on Agri-industry Business, Sinar Mas Group, 2000.

Natural Resources Management Information System, NRM-USAID, 2000

Economic Perspective of Batam Industrial Bonded Zone towards 2005, Otorita Batam, 1999-2000.

Preliminary Study for Proposed Law on Free Trade Area and Its Negative Impact on the Government Budget, Ministry of Trade and Industry, 1999.


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