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Royal Ambassadors Basic Training M. Steve Heartsill, managing editor, RAs/Challengers

Basic Royal Ambassadors Information

SBC church-sponsored and supported  started by WMU in 1908 as a missions education organization for boys  involves over 2½ million boys and leaders 

Basic Royal Ambassadors Information has maintained its missions focus under four national entities: WMU, Brotherhood Commission, HMB, NAMB  focus is missions learning and action  five organizational components: +Chapter Meetings +Individual Achievement +Interest Activities + Missions Projects/Activities +Meaningful Relationships 

Foundation of Royal Ambassadors 

RA Motto: “We are Ambassadors for Christ” (2 Cor. 5:20 HCSB). The RA Pledge makes the motto come alive in the daily lives of boys and leaders. RA biblical virtues: Ten specific biblical virtues that strengthen the motto and the pledge. One virtue is highlighted each month.

Royal Ambassador Pledge As a Royal Ambassador I will do my best: to become a well-informed, responsible follower of Christ; to have a Christlike concern for all people; to learn how to carry the message of Christ around the world; to work with others in sharing Christ; and to keep myself clean and healthy in mind and body.

Royal Ambassador Biblical Virtues Loyalty








Honesty Faith


Royal Ambassador Groupings

Royal Ambassadors (Grades 1-6) Lads (Grades 1-3) Crusaders (Grades 4-6) 

Royal Ambassador Groupings Individual grade  Lad 1 RAs  Page 4 RAs  Lad 2 RAs  Squire 5 RAs  Lad 3 RAs  Knight 6 RAs 

Multiple grade combinations

RA Organizational Components

weekly chapter meetings  personal achievement plan  monthly missions projects/activities  weekly interest activities  ongoing meaningful relationships 

Weekly Chapter Meetings . . . 

allow for leaders and boys to practice the RA Motto, Pledge, and virtues through activitybased learning and achieving. give Christian men an opportunity to become leaders and mentors to boys by showing how faith in Christ is shared and lived. show how Southern Baptists involve themselves in the Great Commission.

Weekly Chapter Meetings Leader Resources:

a bimonthly RA Leader magazine  a bimonthly RA Leader Kit  resources gathered and ordered as suggested in the RA Leader magazine  leader edition includes suggestions for each meeting part 

Weekly Chapter Meetings Other resource information provided in the leader magazine:


project suggestions interest activity ideas Bible verse supporting the theme

Weekly Chapter Meetings Other resource information provided in the leader magazine: information

for gathering or ordering resources to use during meetings instructions incorporating RA Leader Kit items elective suggestion

Weekly Chapter Meetings The boy’s study resource 

bi-monthly student magazine: RA World for boys in grades 1–6

Weekly Chapter Meetings Student magazine resources include mission

stories  interest activities  photos/jokes/submissions from other RAs around country

Weekly Chapter Meetings Student magazine resources include missionary

kid information ideas shared by RA chapters

Weekly Chapter Meetings Leaders and boys gather in a four-part weekly meeting format that includes an opening, a story, missions activities, and a closing.

Royal Ambassador Advancement 

Each boy can earn achievement awards through a commitment to be involved with the organization. This commitment includes two preliminary requirements:  memorizing

the Royal Ambassador Motto  memorizing the Royal Ambassador Pledge 

Upon completion, the boy earns the membership pin and/or patch to wear on a vest or other apparel.

Royal Ambassador Advancement Membership Requirements  Learn and recite the Royal Ambassador Motto.  Learn and recite the Royal Ambassador Pledge.  Participate in a new-member ceremony to receive the member pin/patch.

Royal Ambassador Advancement Grade-Level Advancement Pin/Patch Requirements:  Read or listen to 12 missionary stories from the bimonthly RA magazine, and/or listen to missionary testimonies.  Memorize and recite 12 Bible verses.  Participate in 12 missions projects/activities.

Royal Ambassador Advancement Grade-Level Advancement Bar and Star  Each set of 12 additional tasks from any of above three areas earns first a bar and then stars. (A bar will hold up to three stars.)

Royal Ambassador Advancement Boys may earn awards in Bible verse memory: three Bible memory medals (25 verses per medal annually) Bronze Silver Gold

Royal Ambassador Advancement Elective Awards Personal Fitness: Physical Fitness Patch (formerly athletic patch) Campcraft: Skill level advancement for grades 1–3 (Discover 1, 2, & 3) for grades 4–6 (Hiker, Camper, & Woodsman) Bible Telling Certificate

Royal Ambassador Advancement Elective Awards RA Racers, RA Campout, Sports Hunger Relief, World Walk, Mission Activity Mission Study: NAMB and IMB Emphasis

Missions Projects and Activities monthly ideas in RA Leader  churchwide projects  family projects  associational, state, and national projects 

Missions Projects and Activities Boys and leaders help plan, promote, and participate.  Include a report with pictures to the church and the national RA leadership at WMU. 

Interest Activities Suggestions are in the leader magazine.  Focus on boy appeal.  Learning to use teamwork and tools to accomplish a goal. 

Interest Activities Teaches listening, problem solving, patience, and skill development—more than just winning or losing.  Blends active and passive learning. 

Interest Activities Begin with things in which you, as leader, have interest or experience.  Build activity around the mission story, the RA Pledge, and the ten virtues. 

Interest Activities Some boys have little or no skill in some areas. Begin with instructions that are simple and basic.  Praise effort as well as achievement.  Have the necessary tools or resources, including additional leaders. 

Meaningful Relationships Be available.  Lead the boys with love and respect.  Be a leader and friend—not a pal or buddy. 

Meaningful Relationships Communicate with parents and encourage participation.  Communicate with each boy during and beyond the meeting.  Learn how to share the gospel in a loving and receptive way. 

Meaningful Relationships Involve the church family with the boys.  Have recognitions of boys in front of the church family.  Participate with other RA churches in associational, state, and national events. 

Meaningful Relationships Advocate for Royal Ambassadors.  Participate in training within your state convention or association. 

Registering your RA Chapter Developing your RA Network:  National

RA Web site (  Written registration form (download from the RA website)

Registering your RA Chapter Developing your RA Network: Name

your chapter after a missionary or someone who exemplifies the RA Pledge. This registration will be the communication link between you and your state RA office.

Network Information (Woman’s Missionary Union)  (RA leader downloads, videos, and MUCH more!)  Facebook:  Twitter: RA_wmu 

Network Information (vest, flag, shirts, caps, pens, imprinted items)  (RA racer cars, sailboats, linegliders, and race- car tracks)  1-800-968-7301 WMU Customer Service (pins, patches, magazines, resource kit) 

Questions ???

M. Steve Heartsill at [email protected] or s[email protected] (205) 995-4808 or your state RA contact person

Royal Ambassadors

Thank you for attending. May God bless you and your Royal Ambassadors this year!

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