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January 6, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Social Science, Psychology, Social Psychology
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Heritage Enterprise

Heritage Enterprise • For projects that seek to achieve economic growth • Aimed at enterprising community organisations • Bridging the funding gap / addressing market failure • Commercial / social enterprise partnerships • Grants from £100,000 £5million

Outcomes for heritage

• better managed • in better condition (w)

Conway Mill, Belfast

Outcomes for people

• developed skills (w) • learnt about heritage

Construction Skills NI

Outcomes for communities • your local economy will be boosted (w) • your local area/community will be a better place to live, work or visit • environmental impacts will be reduced

St George’s Market, Belfast

What we fund - priorities • End-use that generates a commercial income • Heritage assets “at risk” • Designated heritage assets • Economically disadvantaged areas • Skills opportunities • Increased learning about heritage NB Public access not a requirement

Adams Building, Nottingham

Involvement of private for-profit sector • Development partner • Occupier • Freehold owner

• Developers’ return allowed to encourage investment. Capped at 15% Northern Counties Building, Derry City

State Aid Rules and the Conservation Deficit • State Aid rules apply where HLF funds projects that generate a commercial income

• HLF can only fund the additional heritage related costs of development • Funding restricted to the “conservation deficit” • B (project cost) – C (market value) = A (conservation deficit) • No conservation deficit = no grant

Activities • Mandatory requirement for skills training • Activities required during capital works

• Digital interpretation • Apprenticeships

HLF approach to heritage • No statutory responsibility • Broad & inclusive view of heritage • Valued by people - Consulting and

involving potential users • Conservation management approach • Heritage skills training • Legacy - sustainable long term impacts & outcomes • Invest where our money is really needed

Making an application • Read relevant application pack and guidance carefully • Register online www.hlf.org.uk • All applications made online • Submit a project enquiry form to get advice on your project • Call the office on 028 90310120

Causeway Coast & Glens

Any Questions?

Castle Espie, Comber

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