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January 9, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Science, Astronomy, Telescopes
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Infinitives Hidden & Split Infinitives

After verbs of perception, the infinitive is used without to. This is a hidden infinitive. O Verbs of perception are verbs such as hear,

see, and feel. O We heard the astronomer talk about the

comet. O The crowd saw the moon appear red that


Hidden infinitives also appear after the verbs let, make, dare, need, & help. O We would not dare use Marshall’s telescope

without his permission. O I will help feed the dogs. O Mary let us bathe them after feeding time.

The to is also left out after the prepositions but and except and the conjunction than. O Marshall does little but talk about the comet

these days. O I’d rather conduct an experiment than read

about science.

An adverb placed between to and the verb makes a split infinitive. O We were told to carefully view each star.

O A split infinitive does not result in good writing.

To avoid it, put the verb where it sounds right: O We were told to view each star carefully.

An adverb placed between to and the verb makes a split infinitive. O (Split Infinitive):

Marshall told us to not damage his telescope. O (Corrected version):

Marshall told us not to damage his telescope.

How would you correct this sentence? O Barry was asked to politely chew his food.

O Barry was asked to chew his food politely.

The adverb placement can change the meaning of the sentence. Be careful: O Barry was asked politely to chew is food.

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