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January 14, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Arts & Humanities, Architecture
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Historic Lamasco Walking Tour

A companion for the Lamasco walking tour highlighting the town that could have been Joe Engler HistoricEvansville.com

Lamasco City   

    

Separate town northwest of Evansville founded 1836 First Ave. westward to St. Joseph Ave., from river north to Columbia St. Named after founders Law, McCall, and Scott Streets on cardinal directions, as opposed to downtown parallel to the river Primarily German immigrants Factories along Pigeon Creek, W & E Canal, Ohio River Wide primary streets allowed for growth Merged with Evansville in 1857, Independence stays separate




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Lamasco and the “West Side”   

 

Bridges over Pigeon Creek helped both areas grow Independence annexed 1870s Schools established to serve the area - Fulton (1871), Baker (1872), Columbia (1875), Centennial (1876) Several downtown churches created missions to serve the area Street cars traveled major streets allowing easier access to extremities of the city 1880s Elite homes along First and Fulton Avenues Commercial growth along Franklin and Pennsylvania Sts

Blomer Residence  

 

Built c1874 for Frank Blomer Co-founder of Blomer, Schulte, & Rietman furniture Brick Italianate Target Exterminating 1970s Now Reich & Associate insurance

Walden Sanitarium

 

  

Modern 7 room hospital with office space Designed by Anderson and Veatch at a cost of $9000 Combined residence of Dr R M Walden Begun December 1922 and completed May 1923 Home to a variety of physicians over the years

Municipal Market    

Built 1917-8 Clifford Shopbell & Co 1955-1980 Hose House No. 3 Used as bus transport 1998 threatened until Fire & Rain took over

Third and Illinois  

Intersection little changed 200 N Third   

201 N Third  

Federal style built c1860 Max Gatch grocer 1900

117-9 N and 121 N Third  

Third and Illinois looking north c1890

Built c1880 Kesel grocery and saloon c1900 Schlundt and Caldemeyer grocers c1910

 

Commercial buildings c1880 Dr Wm Fitsch drug store and offices c1900 Rich Confectionery 1950s Now Bee Gees Apartments

Trinity Lutheran 

  

 

  

Lots dedicated when Lamasco was platted Frame church built 1840 Present church built 1871 Gothic style Sutermeister & Co (Ft Wayne) architect East wing added 1904, west 1917 School built 1894 near Willard Library Lutheran school built 1956 School relocated to St Paul Parsonage c1920

Hose House No. 3 

Built 1895 facing Pennsylvania St (Lloyd) West Side Expressway chopped off front and tower removed Moved 1955 to the Municipal market, later relocates to Fulton Ave Park

Hose House No. 3 in the 1970s (top) and as it looks now (bottom)

Weber Hall / Carpenters’ Hall  

Weber’s Hall built c1890 Weber’s Malt House on Fourth Ave, also known as Franklin Brewery, made malt extract Carpenters union purchases building 1922 and becomes known as Carpenters’ Hall 1940 addition in rear

Headquarters of Local 90 Carpenter Union 1932

Fulton Avenue Park  

John Law Park Public building served as courthouse and later school, gone by 1880 Fire station eastern edge built 1979

Fulton Ave Park c1889

Lamasco Bank 

 

Designed by Clifford Shopbell & Co Sullivanesque style Built 1919-20 at Fulton and Franklin Moved across st 1961 Merged with Citizens Bank 1976, becomes branch office Murals celebrating merger of Evansville and Lamasco decorate inside 1930 ad for Lamasco Bank

Good Shepherd Episcopal

 

St Paul established mission church in the Lamasco area Built 1873 at Michigan and Third 1893 becomes temple for Evansville Society of Spiritualists Converted to apartments c1990

Third Ave Residences 

418-20 N - Miller duplex built c1860 for Christian and John Miller dealers in groceries, produce, etc 400 N – Michael Dauszmann (Daussman) c1860 cartman 318 N - Mayor Dress c1900

Kappler Bros 

  

 

Corner of Second and Virginia Built c1892 Kappler Bros grocery Sandwich shop 1930s Pop and Gils Tavern Murphy’s Mortgages Now vacant

First Avenue Presbyterian  

Established 1875 as a north side mission Brick chapel dedicated April 2, 1876 Southwest corner of Virginia St and First Ave Remodeled 1914 after storm damage, tower added Later rear additions claim First Ave houses

Hartig Residence   

 

Built 1891 William F Hartig Northwest corner of Virginia and First Queen Anne Purple street signs from early 1900s on side of residence

Rietz Residence 

Built for Dr Paul C Rietz 1906 Designed by Harris & Shopbell Queen Anne with Tudor elements (half timbered tower) Northeast corner of First and Virginia

Wm Boetticher Residence 

 

William Boetticher of Boetticher & Kellogg Built 1899 Designed by Frank Schlotter French Chateau/Queen Anne Southeast corner of First and Virginia Owls home next door was father’s

First Ave Mansions

Other grand homes along First Ave

Emanuel Lutheran       

Corner Franklin St and First Ave Built 1856 Tower added 1874 School built 1890 German-speaking, later banned Parish house addition 1927 School razed c1995

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