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January 5, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: History, US History, World Wars And The Great Depression (1910-1945), Adolf Hitler
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Hitler’s Foreign Policy 1933-35

Mein Kampf • Hitler laid out his plans for Germany in the opening pages of his book written in prison, he states • “German-Austria must return to the great German mother country…. One blood demands one Reich…Only when the Reich borders include the very last German, but can no longer guarantee his daily bread, will the moral right to acquire foreign soil arise from the distress of our people”

Hitler’s Aims for Germany

Hitler had 4 basic aims for Germany •Tear up the Treaty of Versailles, this in many German’s opinion was the major cause of the hardships they suffered. •All German speaking people would once again live in an enlarged Germany, this could only ever be achieved by the retaking of land lost through Versailles. •The creation of a German (Aryan) master race. •Lebensraum – more living space for Germans to expand, again this would mean the taking of countries. Hitler was especially interested in Eastward expansion, Russia in particular had

Hitler’s Foreign Policy The foreign policy pursued by Hitler, in order to be successful required to be • AGGRESSIVE • EXPANSIONIST • RACIST

Aggressive • Hitler planned to be aggressive in his actions. • He demanded a complete review of the T.OV • He demanded the return of the Polish Corridor • He demanded land and colonies which German people could be settled. • “State boundries are made by man and changed by man”

Expansionist • Hitler planned to have all German speaking people living in a German border • To do this meant the reclaiming of land lost to the Treaty • Hitler would expand his borders by retaking Austria, Czechoslovakia and Poland • He also wanted to take Russia!

Racist • Hitler wanted to create a German “master race” • He believed other races especially the Slavs, Russians, Ukraine's and Jews were “Untermenschen” inferior to Germans • Between 1933 and 1935 Hitler’s foreign policy progressed little

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