How Can I Help my Student Achieve Success

January 8, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Science, Health Science, Neurology
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How Can I Help My Student Achieve Success?

Prefrontal Cortex or the “Thinking Brain” is not fully developed

Less likely to stay organized

Less likely to show: 

Responsibility in planning


Evaluating the consequences of their actions

Junior High School Mind

The brain is not fully developed until age 25

Much of this is physiological

Sometimes not caring about consequences, (“living in the moment”)

The region of the brain that leads to motivation is still developing in adolescence


Help students stay organized -- Notebooks should be reorganized every six weeks


Use a different notebook for each class/ Color code

To do/done Homework folder

Pencil bag with supplies

Organize locker

BOSS video: ature=youtube.

Staying on Top of it with Technology 

Home Access Center – Grades, Attendance

Teacher Websites --

Online Textbooks/Students /Secondary Portal


Email teachers

Home Access Center

Parents are issued a HAC letter

If you have children at multiple campuses, one login will show all of your children’s information at one time.

Use the “Frequently Asked Questions” section to help you.

Home Access Center (Students)

Username= Student ID Ex: K1211111

Password= KT first initial of first and last name + 4 digits (random)

Example: Student’s name is Mary Barker Mary’s password is ktmb1234.

Retest Policy

Failing Test Grades – Students should Retest for 69 and below

Make immediate arrangements with teacher

Attend tutorials for extra help

Some conditions may apply

Student Portal

Go to >campuses>Junior High >Beck Teacher websites/ Beck info Counselor’s Corner Student Portal 

Online Textbook Link-- Hover over to find sign in info

Canvas Link

Edmodo Teachers use either Canvas or Edmodo to post Info about their classes, calendar, and handouts/assignments. Edmodo access is available from the student site or from the teacher. You can join all the classes and have one view. Parent tutorial for Edmodo Student tutorial


Canvas can be accessed from >Students > Secondary Portal

Students log in with their Katy ISD ID and Passwords.

Canvas, like Edmodo, is a teacher website where students can view class assignments/info, calendars, and have interactive discussions with classmates.

No parental access codes

Only students have access – Work with your student

End of Year Average 6th & 7th Grade

1st six weeks average

+ 2nd six weeks average

+ 3rd six weeks average

_______________________ Total Divided by 3 = Semester Avg EOY average = Sem 1 Avg + Sem 2 Avg > 70 to pass

How Grades are Averaged by Semester 8th Grade I st 6 weeks x 2 + 2nd 6 weeks x 2 + 3rd 6 weeks x 2 + Semester Exam ---------------------------------------------Total Divided by 7 = Semester Average Junior High School classes = EOY > 70 to pass High School classes = Semesters are independent

Grade Category Breakdown Major



Between 6th and 8th grade, Major grades (Tests and Major Projects) range from 45% to 55%.

Minor grades (quizzes) range from 40% to 30%

And “Other” grades (homework/classwork) counts 15%

70% Rule as Passing 100

Homework is top 15%

85 70_____________________________________ 69 and below is failing

15 0

Homework is not bottom 15%

Attendance Change

House Bill 5 requires students to be in attendance 90% of the time in order to receive class credit or a final grade.

Careful about unexcused absences or vacations

Don’t leave at semester exam time

How much Homework

Minimum Homework and Study time:

One to Two Hours Daily Math Homework alone 30+ min Reading 30 min. daily Time increase with each grade and if taking

Pre ap Classes Use Advisory Period to study or for tutoring

Studying at Home Make it a Habit 

Where? Same place everyday-- Kitchen table; Dining room table; Study; Bedroom desk

How? Quiet, well lit, without distractions--

No phone, T.V., Music

When? Every day at 3:30 p.m. after snack

Regular Routine? It should become routine.

Katy OnTheGo – Mobile App .aspx

Thank you This concludes Part 1

Computer Lab Part 2

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