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January 5, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: History, World History
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How did the development gap grow? To look at why the gap between rich and poor countries is one of the world’s biggest problems.

Take a look at??? Starter - Look at the cartoons and captions. There are three main reasons to explain the gap between the rich and poor countries. 1 = Historical reasons 2 = Environmental reasons 3 = Socio-economic reasons. For each reason think of your own sentence to briefly explain that reason. (Hint – look at the sentence under the reason)

Things to do! Complete your own sentences to explain each reason. - QUICKLY Like this…

Do you have a flag? Qkvk8

For resources?....noooo..really? 1 min clip. XJr1vOQ&ob=av1e&feature=mv_sr Let’s watch this clip above and the one below to gain an understanding to the history of Development. iest-nut-in-the-world

Key words; 1.Empires 2.UK, France, Spain + 3.“be friendly, give stuff, spot tribal leader, bribe, fear through the army” 4.Leave south in debt 5.laws

Time line



Key words;

Key words;


1.Trade liberalisation 2.Privatisation 3.Government sell resources to private companies, why?????

1.USA grows, resources, under populated 2.Fall of empires WW2 3.USA world friend 4.Lend $ “be friendly, create employment, set prices, countries compete. 5.Trade regulations



2011-50+??? Key words; 1.North uses debt repayments to help set subsidies for own companies in their countries. 2.North: encouragement of individual debt.

Quiz time!! 1. 2. 3. 4.

5. 6. 7. 8.

9. 10. 11.


Which four countries were the major players in trying to dominate the world??? Explain how the non native population first began trading? What were the two main barriers to early trading? What pressures were put upon non native countries that changed the relationship with the indigenous people? How did the non native now insist on trade and keep the locals “in line”? What types of goods were traded? Name 3 physical geography features and 3 human geography features that are negative for trading? How did the empires fall? With Liberation from the non natives came problems…what were they? At the start of the 1900’s a country began to rise globally, who were they and name the sequence of events that led to their rise. After WW2 America began to influence a lot of the world in an intelligent way how did they do that? How does Trade Liberlisation/ “Cash crops” work?

1. 2. 3.


5. 6. 7. 8. 9.



Quiz answers:

Portugal, Spain France and England Smile, good and resources (spices, Tea, Wood, Crops, gold) Distance (sailing & crop harvest/mining time) language (hence schools were built) “Supply and demand” from Europeans and the America’s. Threat of job loss for Captains and Admirals from King’s, Queen’s & Government changed their attitudes and put pressures on the locals. Bribe, lands, title for increased production, or threats (individual, family), fear, betrayal (tribe rivalries) replacing tribal leaders, torture (usually public) banishment or execution. Herbs, Iornore, Gold, Sliver, Ivory, Timber, Crops (sugar cane) People (Slavery), Tea, Diamonds. 3 physical: weather; storms, snow. Mountains, crop growth and harvest times.. Human: language, culture, religions, Racism & time Hard work to get to the top, Fall: Political unrest in colonised and empire countries. Inequalities, outsourcing the primary and secondary sectors cause extraction of wealth. Inheritance of previous CONTRACTED empire debt, limited business and finance experience. Limited knowledge of political structure and management of people. Re invite old empire countries back to help under new individual/company contracts. USA: Cotton production, Gold rush and oil exports, save the money and reinvest in primary, secondary and tertiary sections. Export of inventions, car, oil refinery technologies. Sales for pre and post WW2. Lend money to countries after WW2 as America is “the worlds friend” in “Development contracts (agriculture & Industries technologies)” set up more international schools with the brightest getting scholarships to USA and jobs back in their own countries upon graduation to implement American Ideologies. Hollywood films to create the “American dream desire” and understand American English.





1990’s- NOW

What we have:

Empires: Trade Depts being friendly, tribes

USA resources WW2 oil,farm,weapon s

USA Vs. Economic and Psycologic

Personal Depts

Additional Info:

* Europe went to Africa. * Made a contract with the locals * Europeans acted “Friendly” and gave them goods. (treated them well) → Created a law to make people work and if not followed, the leader may be publicly humiliated * The Europeans taxed them.

* USA was developing before WW2 → Rich in natural resources (new land) and have never been in many wars due to the geological location. (surrounded by other countries)

*British gives back countries and their independence. *USA comes to help LEDC’s (example places in Africa) by offering jobs, money, education → Gave them money to pay back the debt they owe to Europe. * Made countries compete by producing goods at the same price, prices were lowered (supply and demand)

* credit cards and house ownerships introduced to MEDC’s → high interest = in debt → This is based on what the US did to counties on the past (governments into debt)


*USA supplied Europe with resources (Weapons, Food, Shelter, etc...) → Europe was now in dept to the US + high interest

Create your own venn diagam for your country Social-economical Environmental Historical

Your Turn. Create a 5 min role play highlighting the miain information on “How development grew!”

Lets see the history vOQ&ob=av1e&feature=mv_sr Use the writing frame with questions on development for the video clip (remember any clip can have bias, pull out the correlations…if any).

2012, have thinks balanced out?

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