How to run a short term Medical - Global Missions Health Conference

January 6, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Science, Health Science, Dentistry
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Best Practices in Short Term Medical Missions Ron Brown, M.A. Associate Director GHO CMDA Nov. 12, 2010

Presentation Outline     

 

Philosophy of Ministry Partnership with Local Host Ministry Preparing and Recruiting Local Host Responsibility Arrival and Clinic Week Extracurricular Activities Leave Taking/ Farewell/ Re-Entry

Philosophy of Ministry 

Purpose 

Use short-term medical missions for a long-term impact  Host Ministry / Patients / Participants  Local Church is Priority

Goals 

Use medical / dental clinics to open doors for evangelism and discipleship  Matt 28: 19 “Go and make disciples of all nations…”

Philosophy of Ministry Cont’d 

Servant Attitude 

Use Jesus model of being a servant Came to serve, not be served  Washed feet!!! 

Be a learner Learn and apply principles of Biblical humility, cross cultural sensitivity  Serve to empower local church / local ministries 

Partnership with Local Host Ministry 

Pastor (s)


Para Church Group

Local Physicians, Dentists, Nurses, etc.

Partnership Cont’d 

Keys: Going to serve them vs. * Dependency Issues  Going to help them plant, grow and strengthen their local church  Often requires an initial site visit to prepare for successful outreach with minimal surprises 

Preparing and Recruiting 

Spiritual and Cross Cultural Preparation 

Books, Articles, Web pages

Team Composition 

Team Leadership: Medical/ Dental/ Spiritual Directors Team of 20 = 4-6 providers, 1-2 dentists, dental hygienist/ assistant, 1-2 pharmacist, 3-4 RNs, PT, 3+ logistics Nationals compliment team in registration, logistics, crowd control, counseling/ evangelism, drinks & meals, travel, discipleship & follow up

Preparing and Recruiting Cont’d 

Budget   

Travel In-Country Expenses Formulary, Supplies, Gifts, etc.

Fund Raising  

 

Letter Family and Friends Local Church Civic Groups

Preparing and Recruiting Cont’d  

Formulary (Medical Director, Pharmacist) Equipment Triage, Lab and supplies  Dental 

Extractions  Restorative - more equipment intensive 

Community Health Materials, Wheel chairs, etc.  Readers, Sunglasses 

Local Host Responsibilities 

Strategic Purpose for Medical Clinics  

 

Why are we going to this place at this time? What are long term goals and purpose

Registration of Docs + In-Country Customs and Immigration Be Proactive, Know what is needed!!!  Mexico, Nicaragua, China, India 

* Security Concerns

Local Host Responsibilities Cont’d 

Interpreters: Key Players!!! 

Promote Volunteerism, Kingdom Mindset

Evangelism, Counseling, Discipleship / Follow-up Promotion of Clinic Week (s) Logistics of Travel, Lodging, Meals, Water, etc.

* Security * 

Areas of Concern for You Open or Closed / Limited access country  Police, Public Security Bureau, etc.  Vehicle Safety and Accidents  Buddy System 

Security Cont’d 

Insurance Adams and Associates  Red 24 

Orientation for: Crisis Management Plan 

Hostage Situations, War, Natural Disasters

Governmental Action , Governmental Coup  Events that create negative public attention  Terrorist action or threat  Multiple deaths , Kidnapping, Criminal Actions 

Arrival and Clinic Week (Adapt to Open or Closed Country) 

Orientation with Team Leader & Medical Director 

  

Local Pastors Local Physicians

Set up Medical Clinic Set up Dental Clinic Set up Pharmacy/ Pre-packing meds

Clinic Layout    

School is Ideal / Complex with central gate Church with classrooms Registration by local team members Counseling / Evangelism or @ end of clinic  

  

Local pastors decide Local believers to lead

Triage Consults Pharmacy

Maximize Filter, Flow, Patient consideration     

Outside waiting area / Gate Keeper!!! Filter to Registration area Quiet area for counseling/ evangelism Triage Organize Consults by special needs 

Basics meds @ each consult 

GYN/ PEDS/ Portable Ultrasound/ etc. Analgesics, vitamins, anti-parasite

Pharmacy placement near exit

Clinic Function 

 

Other clinics / Com. Health training/ Reading and Sun Glasses, others Counseling area (Evangelism/ Discipleship) Maximize Patient Flow Local church participation/ Local Health Care Professionals Partnership

Team Spiritual Development (Spiritual Director)  

Team Devotions AM/ PM Volunteers to lead AM  

 

Team Pastor for PM/ deeper Bible Study Early AM optional accountability groups Men and Women Evening Debriefing/ Grand Rounds  Coordinate with Team Leader, Medical Dir and Spiritual Dir  God Sightings 

Music Worship Another share their testimony

Extracurricular Activities   

Focus on serving local pastors and community Children’s Program / Mini VBS Pastor’s Conference/ Training 

 

 

Great way to engage the local pastors, local ministries dedicated to pastor training, discipleship GO International Downline Ministries

Music/ Drama (Best done by local hosts) Crusade for Christ (locally directed)

Leave Taking/ Farewell/ Re-Entry 

Final Fellowship Dinner with local partners  

In-Country follow up 

Recognition of Local Pastors, Hosts, Spouses Appropriate gifts, Special Thank You!!! Discipleship/ Medical/ Dental/ Surgical

Final Debriefing evening (weekend) with team Re-Entry Booklet/ Devotional 

Review Re-Entry issues, team help each other 

Face to Face, phone, email, etc.

Accountability    

Team Family Home Church Acts 1:8 Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, Uttermost 

Church Mission’s Committee Local Outreaches / Inner City/ Un- and Underinsured clinics, Native Indian communities

Taking it to the Next Level 

Saline Solution Conference/ DVD Set by CMDA   

Impact on your own practice Spanish version Multiply efforts in community, state, professional associations, etc.

Perspectives Course on the World Christian Movement 

15 week class on the Biblical, Historical, Cultural and Strategic Perspective

Taking it to Next Level Cont’d 

WARNING!!! Focus on Completing the Great Commission… 

This could lead to Full-Time Medical Mission Call  Tim Peklo, Tom Boeve, Mark and Mona, Tom Hoak, Rachel Middleton, Tom Bonifield, Dan Johnson, to name a few families and individuals in recent years…

Taking it to Next Level Cont’d   

Remember why we do this It’s not about us IT’S ALL ABOUT HIM 

“No Reserve”

“No Retreat”  “No Regrets” 

Life and Death of William


Resources  

Site Visit Form / GHO Mission Survival Kit 

David Stevens, MD/ Gene Rudd, MD CMDA Bookstore

CHE Community Health Evangelism (Education) 

Resources Cont’d 

Community Health Materials 

Ripe for Harvest / Coming Home: A Deeper Roots Publication 

Chorus Booklet GHO Saline Solution CMDA

Resources Cont’d 

Perspectives Course 

* Dependency Issues Glenn Schwartz 

Dental Handbook for Short-Term Mission Trips 

World Wide Lab 

Jack Shuler, DDS, FAGD

World Dental Relief 

Nardos J. Shuler

Resources Cont’d  

Fund Raising Letter Sample GHO Formulary Sample GHO   

Evangecube 

H. Bruce Carr Praxis Meds IDA

Readers from Sharkeyes L.A., CA  $.67 a pair

Resources Cont’d 

Books for Spiritual Preparation  Jesus MD / David Stevens, MD CMDA bookstore  Miracle at Tenwek / The Life of Dr. Ernie Steury by Gregg Lewis CMDA bookstore  Humility C J MaHanney  Pursuit of God A W Tozer  Biographies of Hudson Taylor, William Carey, Cameron Townsend, others

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