How to Set-up Your EasyLogin

April 27, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Engineering & Technology, Computer Science, Networking
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Student Email & Blackboard STEP 4 Student Email Information Official CCSNH email accounts are created automatically within 24 hours of course registration. This email account serves as the official account for all of your electronic communication with the College. Student Email Account Access:

 

Go to and select the Student Email Account link, under the eServices tab. Enter your EasyLogin username and password.

Blackboard Information

NCC Wireless

Get Connected to NCC With

Nashua Community College maintains a wireless network which is available to the entire college community. You can access this network anywhere on the campus. Use it to research material for your courses or participate in online courses from the comfort of the atrium! If you are a registered student, access the wireless network with the following Username: nashuacc Password: academic

Blackboard (Bb) is the online teaching software used by many faculty members at NCC. Blackboard Account Access:

Go to and select the Blackboard link, under the eServices tab.

Enter your EasyLogin username and password then click the login button. The Distance Learning Support Center can be accessed from the Blackboard direct URL:

Quick Reference Guide for Students 505 Amherst Street Nashua, NH 03063 Phone: (603) 578-8900 Fax: (603) 882-8690

Stay Connected: How to Access Your NCC Accounts 24/7

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STEP 3 Your EasyLogin is used to access:

   

STEP 1 Student Information System (SIS) Access your academic information online using the Student Information System (SIS). Your EasyLogin username/ password is available on the SIS. In addition, you may also view, class schedules, final grades, billing information, financial aid status, and your academic history. For detailed information on SIS, please consult:

Would you like to be alerted by voicemail or text message if classes are cancelled due to snow or other emergencies? Register to receive ALERTS via phone and/or text messaging*.

 Click on eServices  Click on Student Info System link  Click on Enter Secure Area  Enter your User ID - Your user ID is your 9 digit student ID number that begins with the ‘@’ sign or your Social Security Number.  Enter your Personal Identification Number (PIN) - Your PIN is your 6-digit date of birth (mmddyy) or the last six (6) digits of your User ID

To enjoy the convenience of self-serve password change capability on a 24/7 basis you must follow these three steps. 1.


However your should check your phone plan for potential charges associated with text messaging. Be aware NCC will not reimburse for text messages.

Log into the Student Information System (SIS)

At the Main Menu of the SIS:

   3.


Accessing Your EasyLogin Account Information:

Read the important information and when you are ready, click on the link to confirm.

 Go to

Student Email SIS Blackboard Library Online Resources

Select Personal Information Select Student EasyLogin Information Retain your EasyLogin username and password in a secure location

Activate EasyLogin Password Reset: While on the EasyLogin page:  Select the link at the bottom (Manage / Activate EasyLogin) to update your password and set up security questions for 24/7 password reset access.

You will need to remember the answers you provide for future password reset access. SAVE YOUR EASY LOG-IN INFORMATION HERE


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