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Howard Shore By Nathan Lacy

Biography 

Born in Canada on October 18, 1946.

First music director for 'Saturday Night Live'.

Founding member of 'Lighthouse'.

Studied at Berklee College of Music.

Biography 

Longtime collaborator with David Cronenberg.

3 Academy Awards, 5 Golden Globes.

Wrote the score for over 80 films, including The Lord of the Rings, Silence of the Lambs, Mrs. Doubtfire, Ed Wood, Gangs of New York, and The Departed.

Shelob's Lair From Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King   For this piece, Director Peter Jackson requested that Howard write the song for Shelob's Lair like he would for a David Cronenberg film.

One of the biggest movie budgets Howard has worked with.

Shelob's Lair Listening Guide 

 

00:00-00:07 Very Calm, Slow, Lots of Bass. Horns. 00:07-00:38 Violins and other strings add dissonance 00:38 00:49 Horns and violins crescendo and then go silent.

00:49-1:03 Horns make a beat. 1:03-1:08 Violins violently create dissonance again.

Shelob's Lair Listening Guide 

 

1:08-1:13 Strings foreshadow the theme of the rest of the song. 1:13-1:20 Strings and horns bring back balance.

1:20-1:36 Horns stop playing as strings play main theme. 1:36-1:50 Horns join again.

1:50-2:07 Strings play quickly and create dissonance and tension.

Shelob's Lair Listening Guide • 2:07-2:27 Horns play short, loud blasts, building up to violins making shrill noises. • 2:27-2:34 Strings and horns finally find a strong melody, further building up to a climax. • 2:34-2:48 Tension is broken. Large string pieces blend with the horns.

• 2:48-3:01 Drums are added. • 3:01-3:10 Strings and horns harmonize.

Shelob's Lair Listening Guide • 3:10-3:30 Tubas are added in the background as violins play a disturbing melody, playing short blasts that ascend in pitch slowly. • 3:30-3:47 Horns play an epic score, as violins play long, high notes that show the danger hasn’t passed. • 3:47-4:11 Violins slowly raise in pitch as the horns slow and fade out.

Lector Escapes From The Silence of the Lambs  ks For this film, Shore didn’t want the focus to be on the music. He wrote all the music to be an underscore, to simply add to the film.

Lector Escapes Listening guide • 0:00-0:10 A harp and violins play slowly. • 0:10-0:18 The harp goes away, and horns add a scary tone. • 0:18-0:34 Violins play a melody while horns drone in the background. • 0:34-0:46 A French horn plays a melody while strings play short, quiet noises in the background. • 0:46-0:58 Horns and drums return to build a distressing sound.

Lector Escapes Listening guide • 0:58-1:20 A harp is strummed while horns and strings make huge blasts of sound, until they fade out and the music stops momentarily. • 1:20-2:00 A gong is hit, and scratching noises are made behind horns and violins making dissonant sounds in a minor key. • 2:00-2:19 The music begins to slow, and again fades to silence. • 2:19-2:50 Drums, low strings, the harp, and then horns join the music again, slowly.

Lector Escapes Listening guide • 2:50-3:10 Low strings play a beat behind slow strings and droning horns. • 3:10-3:34 The beat of the low strings fades away, and the harp plays a soft melody as strings play behind it.

• 3:34-3:46 The strings overpower the harp, which can be faintly heard in the background for a time. Tension in the music builds. • 3:46-4:52 The horns and low strings play a soft beat, with high strings playing a melody over it. Drums add to the dynamics.

Lector Escapes Listening guide • 4:52-5:12 The strings and horns reach a climax, and they hold out a long note while the music fades.

Gollum's Song From The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers  g

Howard Shore was ineligible to receive an Academy Award for any of his work for The Two Towers, due to a change in the entry rules, which was later revoked in time for him to win awards for Return of the King.

Gollum’s Song Listening guide • 0:00-0:37 Strings and voices play the main melody for the verse of the song, while drums add a sense of distress. • 0:37-1:14Strings play the theme for the chorus of the song, with lower strings holding out long underlying notes. • 1:14-1:51 Emiliana Torrini begins singing. Strings play softly in the background, including a harp.

Gollum’s Song Listening guide • 1:51-2:28 The chorus begins. Horns join the music, and the strings play a sad melody. • 2:28-3:05 The second verse starts. Woodwinds join the music, which is similar to the first verse, creating an almost peaceful setting. • 3:05-3:42 The second chorus begins. Similar to the first chorus, not much changes, except some words, and her voice echoes. • 3:42-3:55 Torrini sings her outro, repeating the last words of the chorus. All instruments fade out for a moment of silence.

Gollum’s Song Listening guide • 3:55-4:18 A theme from another song in the movie begins to play, slowly and mournfully. This transition implies that we still have another movie to go to finish the quest.

• 4:18-5:52 The theme of Rohan plays, one of the main themes of the film. This continues to the end of the song, until the music fades away. The instruments change, between horns and strings playing the theme.

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