HR Performance Report Quarter 4 Jan * March 2012

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Workforce Performance Report April-May 2012

Trends and Forecasting

•Against the last 12 months turnover is showing a slight increase although still below the trust target of 12%. In April and May this comprised 103 and 92 leavers respectively (h/c). If there are further MARS schemes this increase may continue. •WTE has grown by 4.5% with c 80 staff TUPE’d in from Bucks in October 2011; growth slowed in May 2012 largely as a result of MARS. A TUPE in in October of 40 staff will even out any future decrease due to MARS. •Sickness absence has been consistently above the 3.5% target i.e. 3.8% this has been the case for the last 6 months however work is taking place in divisions to improve sickness management e.g. Short term sick trend analysis. •The vacancy rate has been variable over the last 12 months; live vacancies latterly have increased •Bank and agency spend peaked in March 12 but are now being managed down significantly, this largely the result of monitoring in community hospitals.

Actions •Development of a new on-line exit questionnaire has begun to better capture reasons for leaving. •There is a focus on recruitment of sessional staff to further decrease bank and agency spend. •Casework has decreased with an emphasis on proactive management and closer working with Occupational Health. Also a total of 65 new investigators have been trained which will spread the workload and ultimately reduce delays •Senior HRBPs are rolling out workforce planning in their divisions. •A number of recruitment Open Days have been organised to spotlight and focus on key areas such as Reablement and some Children’s services. `

Projects Milestone Summary Payroll re-tender •PQQ Evaluations completed June 15 2012 •Finalising of IT spec and scoring due for completion 28 June 2012 •ITT due for publication on June 29 2012 E-Expenses Retender •Preparation of PQQ and marking scheme due for completion June 22nd 2012 •Advertisement in OEJU to be placed July 6th 2012 Learning and Development Online dashboard reporting for the new statutory and mandatory training – completed May 2012. Resuscitation eLearning training pre-assessment – filming on track for 22 June & user testing 6 August.



Statutory and Mandatory Training / PDR’s 100 90 80 70 60

S&M Combined






20 10 0 Apr-12

May-12 100 90 80 70 60


50 40

30 20 10 0 Apr-12



Statutory and Mandatory Training Benchmarking Trust



Berkshire Healthcare FT Statutory Training defined as: Fire, Manual Handling and Health & Safety



Other ‘mandatory’ training (*except PMVA which is 85% performance)



Milton Keynes Hospital FT Statutory comparable to Oxford Health FT



85% 85%

Subject only reporting


Subject only reporting






Subject only reporting

Bucks Healthcare Trust Statutory defined as ‘legislative’ Mandatory – the rest Southern Health FT S&M not differentiated; based on NHSLA minimum data set. Oxford University Hospitals Trust S&M not differentiated; based on NHSLA minimum data set. Portsmouth Hospitals FT S&M not differentiated; based on NHSLA minimum data set. University Hospitals Southampton FT S&M not differentiated; based on NHSLA minimum data set.


Trends and Forecasting • • • • •

• • • • • • • •

Each Division has signed-off action plans including risk assessments to ensure patient and staff safety. Performance in April adjusted for the increased targets, removal of key exemptions and tighter refresher periods (Resuscitation and PMVA) would have shown 70% for combined statutory and mandatory training. The equivalent combined performance in May shows an 8% improvement to 78%. This comprises 74% statutory (against 100% target) and 98% mandatory (against 85% target). Alternative eLearning solutions have been established and promoted to reduce time away from service delivery and avoid 50 additional classroom based sessions. Scheduling of 300 additional courses has been achieved for 50%, whilst scoping continues to enable extra Subject Matter Expert (SME) resource, mainly from Nursing & Clinical Standards Directorate. Benchmarking conducted this month (see Appendix) across local Trusts shows: The composition of ‘statutory’ and ‘mandatory’ varies with some not choosing to differentiate Targets vary from 75-95% with most set at 85% Range of current performance varies between 57% and 85%. PDRs The new PDR process and cycle has been introduced with support into Divisions from HR Business Partners. Performance in April adjusted for the removal of key exemptions (sessional workers, new starters) and the new 100% target would have shown 64%, a predicted reduction at the start of the new cycle. The equivalent performance in May shows an improvement to 71%, an upward trend for all Divisions which should continue as the cycle is completed for P4.


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