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ILN REGIONAL MEETING General Session May 21, 2014 Antwerp, Belgium

Meeting Agenda • • • • • • • • • •

Welcome Remarks Formation of ILN Advisory Board IAM Annual Meeting Plans Future Regional Meetings Partnerships With Other Logistics Networks ILN Online Directory ILN Member Questionnaire Company Presentations Networking Adjournment

Formation of ILN Advisory Board Membership body charged with providing leadership, guidance, and oversight to the ILN Advisory Board Members: • • • • • • •

Chair: Larry DePace – Secor Group Global Logistics Maria Andrea Rodriguez – ABC Cargo Logistics S.A.S. Walter Laffitte – Canal Movers and Logistics Corp Siddique Khan – Globalink Logistics Group Ltd. Marc Smet – Gosselin Group N.V. Ritesh Malik – Omtrans Logistics Inc. Myra Heaver – S.E.A.Corp

IAM Annual Meeting Plans IAM Logistics Network Business Session Thursday, October 9 4:00 – 6:00 p.m. Orlando World Center Marriott Tentative Agenda: • Recap of Regional Meeting • Overview of ILN Activities / Plans • Company Presentations • Networking Cocktail Hour

Future ILN Regional Meetings ILN Regional Meetings to serve as the test case to bring the IAM Annual Meeting overseas Regional Meeting Considerations: • Spring Timeframe • Partner with other Logistics Organizations – Enable ILN Members to attend multiple events in the same city – Build connections with other organizations – Create mutually beneficial arrangements for your gain…and lesser money!

Partnerships With Other Logistics Orgnizations Why develop partnerships with other organizations?

1. Provide your company with access to educational resources at preferred rates 2. Enable you or your company to attend other logistics – oriented conferences at preferred rates 3. Greater benefits for everyone through collaboration ILN is exploring partnerships with IWLA, FIATA, TIACA, NCBFAA, etc.

ILN Online Directory IAM currently distributes a PDF Directory each month to ILN Members. ILN Advisory Board has requested that IAM develop an Online Directory for ILN, which would have the following characteristics: – Easily Accessible on the IAM website and through the ILN webpage – Searchable and Browse-able based on qualifications – Qualifications would include logistics specialties, certifications, bonding levels, etc. – What data would you like to see included???

ILN Member Questionnaire IAM will circulate a survey / questionnaire in June 2014 asking two things: 1. What type of data do you need when selecting a logistics partner? 2. Confirm the specific logistics expertise that your company possesses This information and data will be used to create the ILN Online Directory so that it is a valuable tool for your and your employees

Company Presentations • • • • • • • • • • •

• A. Kuehner & Sohn GmbH • Ahjin Transportation Co., Ltd. • Atlantic Relocation Systems • Atlas International • B.R.Shastry & Company • Federal Transportation Systems • Giovaruscio Moving Srl • Gosselin Group • GovLog NV ILP Freight Ltd Integrated Freight & Logistics LLC

Inter S & R Interstate International La Levantine M&TM Freight Paxton International Q Removal ApS Secor Group Global Logistics T&T Services International SRL Wilhelm Rosebrock GmbH & Co. KG

A. Kuehner & Sohn GmbH

• Vienna AUSTRIA • Meeting Attendee: Andreas Bauer-Kuehner - [email protected] • We have done projects for fashion chains and public sector entities. Besides projects and full supply chain management, we also offer receiving, customs clearance, storing, commissioning, order checking and delivery. • IGLN AEO Customs Broker

Gosselin Forwarding Services N.V.

• • • • •

IAM Member - Gosselin Group N.V. Deurne, Antwerp BELGIUM Meeting Attendee: Walter van Mechelen [email protected] Meeting Attendee: Patrick Kuster Meeting Attendee: Stephan Geurts Sr. - [email protected]

• Heavy and bulk cargo, FCL and LCL shipments and associated activities such as secure parking and storage at own warehouses, stuffing and stripping at Gosselin container terminal, customs clearance distribution etc.



Govlog, N.V.

• Deurne, Antwerp BELGIUM • Meeting Attendee: Stephan Geurts Jr. - [email protected] • Meeting Attendee: Timotheus Noppen – [email protected] • Since we are located in Antwerp, we can service the entire European continent. Trucking, ocean services and via air are all services we can provide including port handling and container stuffing.

ILP Freight LTD

• Hong Kong CHINA • Meeting Attendee:

Chi Ming (David) Mak - [email protected]

• ILP Freight covers inward and outward multi-modal transportation service for East and West bound Transpacific services • CSMP FMC

Q Removal ApS

• Copenhagen DENMARK • Meeting Attendee:

Peter Stadelund - [email protected]

• Worldwide exports by sea, air and truck. Import services to Denmark, Customs clearance and experienced personnel.

Wilhelm Rosebrock GmbH & Co. KG

• Bremen GERMANY • Meeting Attendee:

Martin Sommer - [email protected]

• Rosebrock maintains a successful Break Bulk/Logistics department with 15 employees and 60,000sq ft. warehouse space. • VTL

Group DG Logistics

• IAM Member - B. R. Shastry • Bangalore INDIA • Meeting Attendee:

Varun Shastry - [email protected]

• We handle non-residential moving (offices), warehousing, industrial machine packing and HAZMAT (DG) packing. ISO 9001:2008 Certified for office moves. We have been active for 15 years.


Giovaruscio Moving SRL

• Rome ITALY • Meeting Attendee: • Meeting Attendee:

Giuseppe Barbuto - [email protected] Joseph Pastore - [email protected]

• The Giovaruscio Group has been active in Europe for over 30 years, covering a principal role in the industrial sector of national and international removals as a very important service provider for European companies in Italy.

• Quality certified UNI EN ISO

T & T Services International

• • • •

Rome ITALY Meeting Attendee: Meeting Attendee: Meeting Attendee:

Severino Tuni - [email protected] Emanuela Tuni - [email protected] Flavia Mancini - [email protected]

• AITI Quality certified UNI EN ISO

Ahjin Transportation Co., Ltd.

• Seoul KOREA • Meeting Attendee: Kyunbay Ahn - [email protected] • Ahjin Transportation has been successfully providing top-quality services in the transportation industry for over twenty years. • FIATA WCS, SCN, AMSA, NCBFAA

La Levantine "Daher & Cle"

• Beirut LEBANON • Meeting Attendee: Wael Daher - [email protected] • Since 1994, we facilitate worldwide freight operations, commercial, project cargo, and aviation parts, using several shipping modes through coordinating with elite agents to ensure high quality service. • Lebanese Forwarders Syndicate -LFS AEO Customs Broker

M&TM Freight

• Moscow RUSSIA • •

Meeting Attendee: Meeting Attendee:

Tatiana Mishustina - [email protected] Mikhail Mishustin - [email protected]

• Export and import LCL and FCL transportation of commercial goods. Import and Export customs procedures of commercial goods in Russia. Certification of goods.


Inter S&R S.L.

• Barcelona SPAIN • Meeting Attendee:

Angels Gallardo - [email protected]

• Office move, trade shows, orchestra touring • FMC

Integrated Freight & Logistics LLC

• Dubai UNITED ARAB EMIRATES • Meeting Attendee: Mohan George Pulinthitta - [email protected] • IFL was formed as Logistics Company in Dubai in 2003. Our expertise includes, Freight Forwarding, Cross Trade, Consolidation, Projects Exhibitions, Yachts & Boats handling, local & international relocations. • FIATA, TFC,GFFG,NAFL, IAM Customs Broker

Atlantic Relocation Systems

• Indianapolis IN USA Meeting Attendee: Meeting Attendee: Meeting Attendee:

Jon Schroeder – [email protected] Heather Hutchinson - [email protected] Robert Fox - [email protected]

• The Atlantic group is comprised of 13 full service moving and storage locations throughout the United States. Our core business is government and national account HHG and logistics with services provided nationally and worldwide.

Atlas World Group International

• Seattle WA USA • Meeting Attendee: Jim Gaw – [email protected] • Atlas has global involvement in supply chain logistics for store fixtures, hotel furnishings, lab/medical equipment, and oversized break-bulk cargo projects. • IATA CTPAT FMC

Federal Transportation Systems, Inc.

• Houston TX USA Meeting Attendee: Meeting Attendee:

George Ribar - [email protected] Riyoko Ribar - [email protected]

• Complete logistics services Worldwide & Domestic. Plant Relocations, Specialized Crating & Hauling. • CSCMP

Interstate International, Inc.

• Springfield VA USA • Meeting Attendee:

Bud Morrissette - [email protected]

• Interstate has been in the domestic and international logistics industry for nearly 20 years servicing a wide array of client requirements from large general cargo/industrial heavy lift projects to smaller warehousing and distribution services.


Paxton International

• Springfield VA USA • Meeting Attendee: Morgana Somers - [email protected] • Int'l packing, shipping by air, sea and road, freight forwarding, logistics, customs clearance, warehousing and storage, office moving, record storage, project management. • IATA FIDI/FAIM, LACMA, AMSA FMC HAZMAT ISO9001, ISO14001

Secor Group Global Logistics

IAM Member is Security International • Dulles VA USA • Meeting Attendee: Larry DePace - [email protected] • A full service Logistics company handling international and domestic freight forwarding, automated container warehousing, distribution, bar code asset management, customs clearance heavy haul trucking, record storage, fulfillment, shredding, office and industrial moving. • IATA AFA WACA Customs Broker FMC HAZMAT ISO9000, ISO14000

Networking and Farewell Network! Now that we have heard what each company does, please use this opportunity to network with each other!

Thank You for Attending the first ILN Regional Meeting! Farewell and Safe Travels!

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