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Guide for first presentation James Raymond Vreeland ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT AND INTERNATIONAL POLITICS INAF 100-14


Time limits • Respect them • 5 minutes tops

• 9 minutes!!!


Slides • Minimize words • Audience-focus: Presenter • Slides punctuate


Your slides should look more like the one before this slide, not this one because this is a good example of a bad slide. N’est-ce pas? • You should use the absolute minimum number of words on a slide to prompt you and your audience • You don’t want your audience to be focused on your slides – they should be focused on you - not reading your slides. So wordy slides should be avoided • The slide should just highlight what you are talking about because if you put a lot of words you will have a tendency to read to your audience and meantime your audience won’t be sure what they should be focusing on. So many presentations are ruined before they start because of crappy slides like this one. So don’t make any slides like this or else! Got it? 4

Presentation matters • Dress for the part – Step it up a notch (just a notch – not too much)

• Make slides interesting – – – –

Not with words Use animation (bullets that appear) ***Figures*** ***Tables***

• Don’t get carried away – Don’t overdress your slides or yourself 5

Example figure Audience attention

Number of words on a slide


Drama • Pose questions • >Pause< – Highly effective… – The dramatic pause

• Engage the audience 7

Substance • Begin with your question • Introduce the debate

• Offer your answer • Present your methodology • Evidence • Conclude: Your question & your answer 8

Take-home point • Begin and end with a single point: • The #1 point that your audience should remember




Take-aways • Respect time limits • Minimalist slides

• Use drama – Pose questions – Animation

• End with a “take-away” 11

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