Immunity and Disease

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Immunity and Disease Test Review 7th grade Science

1. Organism that carries a disease 2. Use of chemicals to destroy cancer cells 3. Occurs when your body makes its own antibodies 4. Overly strong reaction of the immune system to a foreign substance.

Active Immunity

Biological vector

Allergy Chemotherapy

5. Complex group of defenses the body has to fight disease. 6. Killing most bacteria by heating food at high temperatures. 7. Occurs when antibodies are introduced into the body.

Immune System

Passive Immunity


The first person credited with proving that bacteria could cause disease was ________.


_________ is a bacterial disease that can cause sterility if untreated. A. B. C. D.

Chlamydia Gonorrhea Herpes Both a and b

_________ diseases are spread by water, air, food, contact, and by organisms. Infectious

_________ developed a way to detect which pathogen caused a particular disease


The U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) monitors_______. The spread of disease Epidemics Diseases brought into the United States

________, and English surgeon, recognized the relationship between the death rate and the degree of cleanliness in surgery in the 1800s.l


Allergies _____________. Dust is an allergen for some Reactions include watery eyes Most reactions are not serious

________ is a virus that hides in the body for long periods of time Herpes

What is true about immunities? Newborns have passive immunity Immunities build as you grow older Vaccines create active immunities

A _________ is a substance made by an organism in response to invading substances and diseasecausing organisms. 


What is true about HIV? Victims of it often die of pneumonia It can be transmitted by contact with bodily fluids It breaks down the immune system

What is true about cancer?

It results from uncontrolled cell growth Cancer cells do not function normally Its cells travel in the body

Molecules that are foreign to your body are called _________. Antigens







Prognosis/ cure


Contract other diseases

Death, no cure



Recurrence, no cure


Sores, rash, fever, swollen lymph glands.

Damage to body organs and death unless treated early

Strep Throat Measles Influenza Diphtheria Mumps Chicken Pox Tetanus Hepatitis



What is the relationship between pasteurization and disease? 

The pasteurizing process heats food to temperatures that kill most harmful bacteria. By killing harmful bacteria, the chance of disease is decreased.

Explain how HIV affects the immune system. HIV attacks cells in the immune system called lymphocytes. Theses are the cells that normally fight antigens that cause disease. The body is left with no way to fight invading antigens, and the whole immune system breaks down. AIDS patients develop other diseases such as pneumonia, cancer, or tuberculosis and usually die from theses diseases.

Syphilis     

 

Cause: Bacteria Means of transmission: Sexual Contact Stage 1 Symptoms: Mouth sores Stage 2 symptoms: Rash, fever, lymph glands swell Stage 3 symptoms: Infect cardiovascular and nervous systems. Treatment: Antibiotics in early stages most effective Outcome if untreated: Damage to body organs, death

Immune system Your ________ is made up of cells, tissues, organs, and body system that fight foreign Skin organisms. ___________ is a barrier that prevents many pathogens from entering the body. White Your circulatory system contains ___________ blood cells that surround and digest foreign organisms and chemicals as they enter the body. Sometimes, when the blood cells cannot destroy fever the bacteria fast enough, a ______________ develops.

cilia Your respiratory system has ___________ and mucus in the nose and throat to trap pathogens. cough When you __________ you expel pathogens. enzymes In the digestive system, ___________in your liver mouth, stomach, pancreas, and ____________ Hydrochloric Acid destroy pathogens. ______________in your stomach kills bacteria that enter your body on the food that you eat. If you do get sick, your body has defenses in the form of Specific Immunity _____________.

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