Implications for quality, dignity and safeguarding

January 8, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Social Science, Political Science, Civics
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Implications for quality, dignity and safeguarding Bill Mumford, Chair of VODG and National Market Development Forum Dr Adi Cooper, ADASS Joint Policy lead on Safeguarding

Quality- what is it? • TLAP- Driving up Quality in Social Care • Set of Principles – “Making it Real” at the heart – Active co-production – Qualitative workforce outcomes – Transparent – Legitimate cost – Commission for continuous improvement

Quality- what is it? • DoH- Bringing Clarity to Quality.. • “Good care is about personal relationships, the quality of the relationship between staff and the people using services is paramount” • Combination of safe, effective and positive experiences • Onus on the provider

Quality- what is it? • LGA/NHS Confed/Age Uk- Delivering Dignity • Quality protects- does it? • Fixed v Growth mindset- fear of failure or continuous improvement • Knowing what quality really is protects

Safeguarding – policy journey • Safeguarding Adults: report on the consultation of the review of No Secrets, DH 2009 • Initial Government Response 19/1/10 • Law Commission Report 11/5/11 • 16/5/11 Statement of Government policy on Adult Safeguarding • 9/5/12 Queen’s Speech – Draft Care and Support Bill

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Safeguarding - our responsibilities -keeping people safe Who is at risk and to be safeguarded? What is ‘harm’? How - legal duty to make enquiries/investigate or cause one to take place; with general duty on other agencies to co-operate What do we need to do the job? Do we need new powers of entry? (AEA consultation) Safeguarding as everyone’s business?

Safeguarding – leadership role Statutory Safeguarding Adults Boards • Local Authority lead organisation • Clarify roles, functions, membership and accountabilities • Key Agencies’ duties to participate/ co-operate – police and NHS • Annual Reports on progress of strategic plan, which should cover prevention to intervention • Learning lessons from reviews

Questions for Table discussion 1. How interventionist should Local Authorities be concerning Quality, Dignity and Safeguarding? Caveat Emptor or Caveat Venditor? 2. Do we need new powers of entry to undertake our safeguarding enquiries? (why/why not?) 3. How do ensure a proportionate response to risk and continue to learn?

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