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The Way Ahead……

2014-15 Mrs. Sarojini Rao Principal

HOW IS INDUS DIFFERENT? • Absence of Fear • Multicultural

• Student – Centric Learning: ‒ Technology / OLPC ‒ Student Feedback ‒ Teachers as Facilitators ‒ Innovative Projects & Flipping • Balanced Scorecard • Community Orientation & IICS • Partnership with Parents • Strong faculty & ITARI • Leadership Curriculum & ISL


Whole education but not at the cost of

academic rigor.

REASONS FOR THE STATE OF ACHIEVEMENT • Leadership with a clear vision

• Teacher profile • Encourage parents as partners • Higher benchmarks across all grades • Academic support


To prepare students for life.

VISION ‘’ To create Global – Citizens and Leaders of tomorrow, through Traditional Values of Love, Empathy, Discipline and Respect – 21st century citizens who think globally and act locally .”

To be Achieved by Whole Education and Life Long Learning.

INDUS LEADERSHIP AND WHOLE EDUCATION Sense of mission & - Higher Benchmarks - Sp Support

In School

- Clubs & MDD


- Concert - Art

Academic Rigor Co curricular Activities

SI + PI Leadership School (ISL) Sports

Experiential Leadership & Whole Education

- LTT - Teacher Appraisal - IICS - PD

CI + EI + SI For Teachers

SI + EI Leadership Curriculum

Risk as a means of education is nurtured by - Outward Bound

- Discovery Course - Simulation Games

-Vision & Goals - E I, Values & Community Service - Innovation & Persuasive Communication

MISSION STATEMENT 2014-15 I will ensure enhancement in overall Academic Standards to include consolidation of higher benchmarks across all grades to implement the Head start DP and successful

graduation of the ninth batch of DP. Introduction to the Revised Leadership Curriculum, implementation of Mega projects, Camps, Sports & LTT to Nurture Student & Teacher Leadership. Aesthetic Development will focus on the Concert and continue to be an important component of Whole Education.

GOAL 1 - IMPROVING STUDENTS’ PERFORMANCE IN ALL AREAS OF ACADEMICS 1. Achieve international benchmarks plus 2. Specialized support classes from Grades 9 onwards 3. Student centric learning where teaching will focus

on: Experiential Learning Beyond Campus 30%

Teacher led teaching 30%

Student as his Teacher: Problem / Project-based learning, Flipping 40%

ACADEMIC RIGOUR (CONTD..) • Establishment of learning goals and reflection by students for each unit • Instructional supervision & evaluation • Pre- IB • Teacher track to also focus on Head start IGCSE, innovations, student feedback, support, PLG progress, reading and writing skills • Projects and innovations • Reading, writing & speaking benchmarks from PYP to IGCSE • Curriculum on the file server for internal use • Analysis of assessments at all levels • Support classes and study circle • Student feedback – minimum of 2 every month

ACADEMIC RIGOUR (CONTD..) Optimization of the DP with focus on: • Classroom practices • Discipline • Support classes • Syllabus completion • Deadlines, sanctions and communication with parents • Clarity on teacher assistance and quality of submissions • Coordination with Career Counselor •Clarity on rehearsals and participation

GOAL 2 – STUDENT AND TEACHER LEADERSHIP • Revised Leadership Curriculum • Mentoring Programme • Leadership Track for Teachers

• Professional Development • Indus International Community School • Community & Service • Sports • Indus School of Leadership


Classroom – 15% • Leadership Syllabus 6.8% • Leadership Summit 6.8% • Leadership Retreat 1.4%

Experiential – 85% • Art/Music/Dance/Drama • Sports • Outward Bound Camps • Community Service

38% 23% 10% 14%

EXPERIENTIAL • Films • Orchestra and Musicals • House Visions: – Hercules – To conduct science exhibition and science Olympiad for IICS – Orion – To publish the IICS yearly magazine and two newsletters – Pegasus – An enterprise (candle making) in collaboration with IICS students – Phoenix – Conduct the leadership summit for IICS student • Mega Project - Kalahalli • Art Exhibition • Symposium • Indian idol

LEADERSHIP CURRICULUM The Leadership components are: - Vision and Goal Setting - Innovation & Persuasive Communication - Emotional intelligence & Values - Whole education


Art & Photography Display

Display of Innovative Projects Leadership Journal Display

Film Festival

Display of Club Achievements

Leadership Awards

LC PROJECTS • Every Grade from 6 to 9 to be a part of a social project. Grade 11 will consolidate on Kalahalli and work towards the House vision • Inventions/Innovations/Community Service can be part of the Grade wise social project

• Those students who are not part of the Grade project, should form part of the regular community service initiatives which include tasks with the IICS & Kalahalli • These projects are means of inculcating the school values and provide experiential learning • CAS Coordinator & the HOS to work out the projects by 10 Aug

LEADERSHIP REPORT CARD Name of Student:__________________ Criteria Students will:

Learning Outcome

Set and Achieve Goals

Communicate Persuasively

Whole Education

Exemplary 100-81

Grade:_____________ Max. Score

Identify Strengths Set Goals Revise Goals and Achieve Outcomes Total Critically Analyze Create and Innovate Articulate Innovative Ideas or Experiences Total Track Attitude Track Competencies & Performance Total

Proficient 80-61

Consolidating 60-41

Score Achieved

20 30 50 100 20 20 60 100 40 60 100

Emerging 40-21

Beginner 20-1

2. MENTORING - OVERVIEW • The Mentoring Programme will include students from Grades 6 to 9 and 11 • The focus will be on emotional needs, aspects such as sexual abuse, bullying, self discipline, motivation, etc.. • Teachers to be identified as Mentors and to undergo a basic Counselling training in school before the session begins • Each Mentor will be allocated 8 to 10 students from the Grades/Programme they teach

MENTORING - OVERVIEW (CONTD..) • Boarders may be grouped together

• Assembly and Mentoring to alternate weekly • Mentors to meet their Mentees individually in the two intervening weeks at a mutually convenient time during school hours • Mentoring meetings could Programme blocks • Mentoring to begin by 18 Aug

happen in respective

3. COMMUNITY SERVICE • Focus on implementing the house visions and Mega projects. • CAS programme for all Grades will focus on Grade wise projects, Kalahalli, IICS and innovations • Coordinators at each level to prepare curriculum overview for all grades • Monthly review of reporting annually




4. SPORTS • Nurture at least one skill in every student from Grade 1. Bimonthly reporting • Benchmarks have been worked out • Consolidate on the school teams with structured after school coaching • Participation in minimum two inter school events at the PYP • BSC target: 80% of the students must move to the next level in their respective sport by session end Improvement in participation by 25% in interschool sports and achieve the overall trophy in minimum 3 inter school tournaments



Leadership Track


•Leadership Retreats •Dev leadership journals •Pursuing higher degree •Internships •Cross streaming •Shadowing •Reading •Outward bound courses / expeditions

•Certifications & courses from CIDTT & Indus with visiting faculty from UK


• • • • • • • • • •

Subject Specific IB Regional Follow-up of themes Induction workshops AFL Flipping Reflection and Feedback Innovative Projects Differentiated Facilitation and Use of Technology in classrooms

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT Focus for the academic year 2014 – 15:

- Flipping - Reading and public speaking - Project and innovation based learning as a instructional strategy - Use of Technology in classrooms - Consolidation – understanding and implementation of AfL - Mentoring

GOAL 3 – AESTHETIC DEVELOPMENT •Music / Dance / Drama •Activity Clubs

•School Orchestra •Visual Arts

1. MUSIC / DRAMA / DANCE • Curriculum overview – Month wise • Examinations –Trinity school and Rabindra Bharathi examinations for Music, Drama and Dance to continue • SMA for all students up to Grade 7 • Bimonthly reporting • Reports and Rubrics have been worked out • Focus area of the VP

2. ACTIVITY CLUBS (6-11) • Culinary • Gardening • Pottery and Sculpture • Stitching and craft • Chess

• Entrepreneurship

• Genomics (Outsourced) • Robotics (Outsourced) • Film Making


• MUN • Public Speaking • Dance • Drama

Reflections to be recorded in the leadership journals and activity cards

JUNIOR ACHIEVEMENT PROGRAMME (6-8) • Graphic Novel and Illustration • Data Analytics • Astronomy • Aero-Modeling

• Vedic Mathematics

ACTIVITY CLUBS (CONTD) • Events to nurture aesthetics – Indus days, School concert, Club displays, Leadership fest, interschool events and inter-house competitions • Club in-charges to finalize the end product of their clubs and accordingly put up their scheme of work by 05 Aug

• The main focus of Inter-house competition for this year will be sports. All children will get to cheer for the finals

3. FEATURES OF REHEARSAL POLICY • Practice will commence 2 months prior to major events • Component practice will happen once a day during zero period • One month prior, Lead roles (play/dance/orchestra) will stay back after school when needed. • One month prior, practices will commence after lunch (2 regular periods + 1 zero period) • 2 weeks prior, after school practice • 2 days prior, whole day practice (14 periods)

ROLE OF THE VICE PRINCIPAL • To focus on specialist subjects, which is the most important part of whole education • Overall student and teacher discipline • Oversee the English Department • Oversee Boarding • Officiate in my absence

ROLE OF THE HEAD OF SCHOOL • • • • • • • • • •

Pastoral care and overall discipline Clarify teacher expectations Teacher induction Student induction Implementation of Leadership Curriculum and Balanced Scorecard Teacher development & PLGs Student Council Cleanliness, SAFETY and maintenance of the blocks Overall academic performance Conduct sensitization programmes for all teachers and students

ROLE OF THE HEAD OF DEPARTMENT • Revise the benchmarks to align with the Head start IGCSE & DP • Ensure curriculum updates on the file server • Teacher induction - at the beginning of the session - follow up for the first 3 months. • Conduct minimum two walkthroughs in a week and clinical observations of 30% teachers with focus on new teachers • Conduct one faculty meeting every fortnight and record minutes • Ensure quality of question papers and moderation of assessment

ROLE OF THE HOUSE MASTER • Ensure implementation of the House vision • Responsible for maximum & effective participation of students in inter house sports and cultural activities • Responsible for teacher involvement in house activities • Responsible for discipline, particularly during events which are conducted house wise

ROLE OF THE TEACHER • ROLE MODEL • Ensure discipline at all times • Understand the concept of whole education & leadership • Follow the code of conduct • Deliver every lessons with plan for innovations & experiences • Be part of the solution • Ensure teaching basics are met • Try to be part of the leadership track • No mid session resignations • Teach the child and not your subject

ROLE OF ACTIVITIES COORDINATOR • Conduct of Assemblies • Allot clubs and ensure smooth functioning • Allocation of Houses to new students and teachers • Identify and ensure preparation for minimum two inter school events in each of these areas: Public Speaking, Performing Arts and MUN • Plan all school events

ROLE OF CAS COORDINATOR • Finalize Leadership Camps • CAS documentation • Conduct CAS classes by:

- Identification of a social project for each Grade from 6-12 - Group students into IICS, Grade social project,

other CAS initiatives & innovative projects - Allocation of teachers accordingly


Orion House – Ms. Pallavi Mishra Pegasus House – Ms. Saba Husain Phoenix House – Ms. Somali Ghose Hercules House – Ms. Wilma Lewis

CRITERIA FOR HOUSE PRIZE • Effective implementation of House Vision Initiatives (50 points) • Cultural inter-house competitions (40 points) • Films (10 points) • Sports inter-house competitions (40 points) • Performance in March Past on sports day (5 points) • Overall house position on sports day (5 points) • Aquatics (5 points) Total: 155 Points

INITIATIVES • Improved Leadership Curriculum – Workshop model • Specialized support classes

• Kalahalli and Bornfree projects • Leadership hall • Head start DP • Enhanced security • Public speaking & Reading • PYP Evaluation • Genomics and Nanotechnology • PGCIE & PGDIE from ITARI • Our first batch of IICS students to take SSLC exams

CONSOLIDATE • • • • • • • • •

Flipped teaching Project & Innovative based teaching and learning File Server for curriculum documentation School concert Reporting Sports, Music, Dance and Drama Student council vision Discipline Boarding activities Student feedback

All the best!

STUDENT NATIONALITIES Indians 48% Europeans 15%

Koreans 5%

Asians 3%

Others 5%

Americans 24%


Student Achievement

Strengthen student leadership Improve holistic performance of students

Stakeholder Engagement

Internal Process

Learning & Growth

Improve stakeholder involvement, ownership & motivation

Improve curriculum planning and delivery in all areas

Increase in teacher pedagogic knowledge, skills & leadership perspective

Improve monitoring and communication process

Improve administratio n and asset management process

Improve sensitization and awareness of School Philosophy with Stakeholders

Improved hiring & staffing

Improve facilities, learning & human resources



TEACHER PROFILE Fresh PGs with ITARI Training 12% IB Examiners 25%

PG with IB qualification and teaching experience 41%

Doctorates 2%

PGs/Grads with teaching degrees 20%

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