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Chapter 16: The Industrial Revolution pages 378-392 1.

Define the Industrial Revolution. Describe how work done before this revolution?

2. How had the industrial revolution changed the basic building blocks of civilization?

3. What were the two types of changes that occurred during industrialization? What were the effects of the changes?

4. Define bourgeoisie:

5. Why Britain? Describe in the space below, the reasons why the Industrial revolution began in Britain. Reason For Industrial Revolution began in England Well Developed Middle Class and Capitalist Structure

Agricultural Improvement

Population Increase


Stable Government

Early Inventiveness

Raw Materials

Explain why this helped foster industrialization in England

6. Define Enclosure Movement:

7. Explain the process of mass production. Why was there a need to develop this type of system?

8. Where was cotton being imported from prior to the 1760’s? Why could only the wealthy afford it?

9. Discuss the major inventions that allowed for cotton to be produced in Britain. What were the effects these inventions had on British textile industry?

10. Describe how the iron industry experience a major transformation during the industrial revolution?

define Interchangeable parts:

11. Explain how James Watt’s invention of the steam engine revolutionized industry

12. Create a chart or graphic to show the effect of the locomotive and the steam ship had on England and then ultimately the world.


Steam ships

14. Discuss the importance of Samuel Morse and the impact he had on communication.

The Factory System and the Evolution of Big Business 15. Why was there a shift from people doing the work from home to going to work at a centralized location?

16. Describe factory life for the managers.

17. Describe factory life for the workers.

18. What was a result of the growth of factories in England in regards to the landscape, as well as society?

19. Define corporations:

20. What role did corporations play in the Industrial Revolution?

21. Define monopolies:

The Spread of the Industrial Revolution 22. List the countries that revolution had spread by the mid 1800’s

23. Explain the reasons that Belgium was the first to industrialize after Britain.

24. Why was Germany late in industrializing? When did they begin to industrialize?

25. How did Samuel Slater impact the Industrial Revolution in America?

26. How did the US government protect industry?

27. Write a comparison statement about industry before 1860 and industry during the late19th century.

28. Why did New York City become so important during the Industrial Revolution?

29. What two other areas of the world did Industrialization Spread?

30. What was the Trans-Siberian Railroad and what is its importance?

31. What industries had Russia developed by 1900?

32. How did Japanese government industrialize the country? What was the effect of this rapid industrialization?

Social effects of Industrialization 33. What were some of the consequences of people moving from rural to urban areas?

34. Why did the concept of suburban living begin during the industrial period?

35. What were some of the effects of the Industrial Revolution on the environment in both Europe and the United States? 36. What cities saw huge growth in both Europe and the United States?

37. Write a descriptive sentence about life in overcrowded cities.

38. How was wealth determined in rural societies? How did this compare in the industrialized world?

39. Who made up the middle class? How were their lifestyles made comfortable?

40. Who made up the lower class? Describe their life?

41. In your own words, make a comparison statement regarding family life during the Industrial Revolution?

42. How did the British Parliament respond to child working long hours in factories?

43. Why were women seen as more equal to men among the working class?

44. How did middle class men like to spend their time?

44. How were gender roles different in the middle class than in the working class?

45. Define the cult of domesticity:

46. Why did birth rates begin to drop?

47. How did the middle class children live? How did this lead to families limiting the number of children they had?

48. What were some of the major improvement in peoples lifestyles during this time period?

Reactions To Industrial Society: Reform and Radicalism 49. Define Laissez-faire-

50. What did Adam Smith write in 1776?

51. According to Smith, what should govern the marketplace?

52. What was Smiths opinion on government control of industry? How did this effect society?

53. Define Socialism:

54. Who is Karl Marx and what did he believe?

55. How did Marx feel about capitalism? What did he see would happen as a result of conditions in capitalist societies?

Define proletariat:

Define bourgeoisie:

56. What would happen as a result of a revolution of the proletariat?

57. Why were labor unions formed?

58. How did employers and governments feel about Unions during the 19th century?

59. Define strike:

60. What would often happen as a result of strikes?

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