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The Industrial Revolution

Industrial Revolution • Begins in Britain in the 1700’s.

• Then spreads to Europe and the USA.

Why Britain? • Farmland + Weather = food supply. – Increase in Population

Increased Population • Lots of people in the country who need jobs! – Labor force

In order to employ people… • You need money (capital) to start a business. – Britain had people with $ to invest in businesses.

Natural Resources Natural Resources are needed to produce goods. • Britain has an abundance of natural resources including: – Coal, cotton, and iron


Assembly line instructions • A- Wheels- Black • B- Hood/top- Green • C- Doors- Blue • D- Windows- Yellow • E- Headlights- Red • F- Side Mirrors/ Branding(FAUST) - Purple

Why did we need factories? • Factories mass produce goods. • They are located in the cities. • They employ immigrants – Mostly women and children

• Conditions:

Capital • Wealth in the form of money or other assets owned by a person or organization or available or contributed for a particular purpose such as starting a company or investing. • Translation: money that is available for you to start a business.

Entrepreneurs • People who start businesses.

Cottage Industry •

An industry where the creation of products and services is homebased, rather than factory-based. • Make your own thread, and cloth, and clothes in your house! • Meaning: no malls, grocery stores, or Walmarts!

Cotton Gin • Eli Whitney 1792 Cleans seeds out of cotton.

Spinning Jenny • James Hargreaves, 1764 • Spins cotton into thread.

Flying Shuttle • John Kay, 1733 • Weaves large pieces of cloth

Steam Engine • James Watt, 1785 • Steam engine powers other machines.

Power Loom • Edmund Cartwright 1785 • Weaves cloth-steam powered!

Robert Fulton • Clermont, 1807 • Steamboat

Industrial Cities • For each picture, you should write down: • 1. What you see in the picture i.e.- I see an apartment building.

• 2. What you think the image shows about an industrial city. – i.e- that means the city is overcrowded.

Socialism • Believes that gov’t should run businesses. • Factory workers believe in socialism. • They want:

Capitalism • Believes in Laissez-Faire- that businesses should operate without gov’t interference. • Business owners believe in capitalism. • Does not want:

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