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Developing Leaders and Responsible Global Citizens

What is GELS 

Global Ethical Leaders Society GELS is a student-run organization that provides students the opportunity to become campus and community leaders as they learn how to be responsible global citizens

GELS Mission 

To promote ethical leadership on issues ranging from: environmental ethics  economic and social justice  conflict resolution and humanitarian intervention 

Play an active role in promoting moral progress internationally

Benefits of being a GELS member 

Mentoring and resources to develop leadership and moral reasoning skills

Screenings and discussions of films with ethical themes

Guest lectures and panel discussions on topics chosen by the students

Special access to Inamori Center-sponsored speakers and events

 

Potential funding for projects concerning ethical leadership, including research, study abroad, and experiential learning Funding for trips to student conferences on leadership and/or ethics …and additional opportunities and programs designed by GELS members themselves!

GELS in Action Trip to El Salvador

GELS members, with funding support from the Inamori Center, traveled to El Salvador to serve as official election observers for that country’s first significant, contested Presidential election in 17 years.

GELS in Action 2009 Inamori Ethics Prize Winner

GELS members had the opportunity to personally meet the 2009 Inamori Ethics Prize winner, The Honorable Mary Robinson, during a private student reception.

GELS in Action Research Fellow

GELS member Elizabeth Phillips was the Inamori Center’s first Research Fellow. She conducted research on ethical issues in emergency health care in the U.S., Costa Rica, Japan, and Europe.

GELS in Action Christmas in Russia

Colleen Hosler, a Case Western Reserve University second-year sociology major from Pittsburgh, spent her winter holiday working with disabled orphans in Dmitrov, Russia, during the Russian Orthodox Christmas.

GELS in Action USNA Leadership Conference

Sponsorship from the Inamori Center provided three GELS members the opportunity to attend the USNA National Leadership Conference, Leadership Under Stress: Transforming Crises into Opportunities, at the US Naval Academy in Maryland. Another GELS student was funded to attend the USAFA National Character and Leadership Symposium.

GELS in Action School in Nepal

GELS member Zach Kloos travelled to Nepal to help support a Nepali non-governmental organization called the Good Neighbor Service Association (GONESA) in building a new kindergarten.

GELS in Action Internships

GELS member Lauren Geisser, with funding support from the Inamori Center, spent last summer serving as an intern working on a global initiative to stop the mistreatment of women worldwide and encourage international compliance with the CEDAW (Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination Against Women).

This summer, GELS member, Monica Schager is interning at the Woodrow Wilson Center, and GELS member David Stute is interning with Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown.

The Future of GELS 

Possible future competition in the inter-collegiate Ethics Bowl Internships with community leaders, corporate ethics officers, etc. The chance to host student conferences on global ethical leadership GELS chapters all over the world!

Why GELS? 

The distances that used to divide different cultures have collapsed through the development of modern transportation, information technology, and interdependent markets. Isolationism is no longer possible, nor is it a desirable strategy. We need one another to survive and flourish and to resist shared threats to our environment, health, security, human rights and the global economy. We need to be responsible global citizens and lead others by our example.

The Inamori International Center for Ethics & Excellence and GELS 

It is the mission of the Inamori International Center for Ethics and Excellence that inspired the establishment of GELS to stimulate the growth of responsible global leaders while facilitating their experiential learning and giving them the tools they need for future ethical endeavors.

Upcoming Events at the Inamori Center 

2010 Inamori Ethics Prize awarded to Stan Brock, founder of Remote Area Medical  September

1, 2010 @ 12:30PM

2010 International Peace & War Summit  October

26 – 30, 2010 Please visit our website at

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