Innovative Instructional Approaches in Teaching Chemistry

January 5, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Social Science, Psychology, Educational Psychology
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Ngozi M. Onyia Rockland Community College, Suffern, NY

EFFECTIVE TEACHING INVOLVES  Faculty member must always be engaged in improving their knowledge and skills in their field.  Possess pedagogical content knowledge which;  Focus on the communication between teacher and student  Direct relationship with subject matter


 Being aware of different types of instructional materials  Being aware of student strengths and weaknesses  Building on and adapting curriculum that has proven to be effective

 Interactive lectures using personal response systems  Group problem solving using (POGIL)  Students participation in classes  Conduct experiments to learn first hand about science methods and experimentation (LabSkills)

 Using computer-assisted learning  Web-based learning  Virtual laboratories  Audiovisual aids (video-based demonstrations)  Others

 Online Web learning;        

OWL (Cengage Learning) Labskills (Cengage Learning) MasteringChemistry (Pearson) WileyPlus (Wiley) SmartWork (Norton) Sapling Learning (Sapling Learning INC.) ALEKS (ALEKS Corporation) Others

 OWL is the only online learning and assessment system developed by chemistry instructors specifically for teaching chemistry

 Developed by teaching chemists  OWL is a powerful online learning system for chemistry  OWL engages students  Assesses performance  Improves learning outcomes

 Online homework and tutorial system for chemistry  gives students access to the eBook for reference or study after their regular course ends or is archived by the instructor  Tutorials lead students step-by-step through a problem

 Improves student learning and grades  Helps students visualize chemistry and improve problem-solving skills  Allows students to work at their own pace until they master concepts  Saves time in grading homework and assesses student progress

 Mastery Learning Problems  End-of-Chapter Questions  Simulations  Tutorials  Visual Exercises  OWL for Organic Chemistry

     

Cengage YouBook Quick Prep Go Chemistry Videos Student Grade Report Student Risk Report Assignment Reports

 Led to statistically significant improvement in student performance and final grades in chemistry  Students more likely to do their homework  Students found OWL homework problems, feedback, tutorials, and simulations extremely helpful

 Instructor Experience (St. Cloud State University)  OWL helps students succeed in chemistry regardless of their background  OWL helps students of varying aptitudes, experience, and backgrounds learn concepts and boost their grades  OWL’s ability to meet students ‘where they are’

 Instructor Experience (St. Cloud State University)  OWL provides near infinite opportunities to practice solving problems  OWL provide immediate feedback, students can spend as much time on their homework as they need to master each concept or skills

 Instructor Experience (University of San Francisco)  OWL help students to become more active learners.  OWL give students get unlimited attempts at problems with immediate feedback

 Instructor Experience (Portland Community College, Cascade Campus)  OWL support was outstanding, patient, and complete  OWL is a powerful motivator for students who want to improve their performance and grades in the class

 Instructor Experience (Portland Community College, Cascade Campus)  OWL is an important part of ensuring consistency in all our general chemistry courses  With OWL, I feel confident that students have the opportunity for learning, practicing, and receiving valuable feedback in every course

 Student Experience  Students love OWL for its visual, active learning style, plus the immediate feedback for incorrect answers  The OWL assignments improved my course grade because they made studying easier  The detailed hints and step-by-step solutions allowed me to gain a better understanding

 Attended LabSkills webinar in Fall 2011  Attended OWL National Workshop San Diego, CA in Spring 2012  Demo of LabSkills will go live within OWL on April 2  Class testing LabSkills in April

 LabSkills available for lab courses in Fall 2012  LabSkills is designed to prepare students  For their lab sessions  With pre-lab assignments that include video, interactive modules and safety training

 Online solutions to save you time in the classroom and lab and to better engage your students  Media-rich, interactive e-learning for chemistry  Built on groundbreaking best practice

 A networked 'Dynamic Lab Manual' preparing foundation chemistry students for the laboratory  Innovative, multifunctional e-learning tool covering core topics in experimental chemistry

 Develops skills and builds confidence  Provides ideal pre-lab preparation for students with limited experience of practical chemistry  Helps all students studying university chemistry succeed in the lab  Extends learning opportunities

 Gives students so much more confidence coming into the lab  Scarce laboratory time and resources are used to the best effect  It helps prepare the ground so that effective practical work can take place  It helps improve students' confidence and capability

 Extremely valuable new dimension to the study of chemistry  By helping to reinforce;  The importance of scientific rigor  Health and safety  While being informative and engaging

 Groundbreaking computer program allowing students to overcome their fears by experimenting online  Students found it easy to follow  Online grading  More focused intervention strategy enhances student learning outcomes

MateringChemistry is the most effective and widely used online tutorial, homework, and assessment system for the sciences

   

Individualizes tutoring Improves learning and grades Provides insight into student performance Easily captures data to demonstrate assessment outcomes

WileyPlus builds students’ confidence, takes the guesswork out of studying by providing a clear roadmap

 Helps today’s students succeed both in the classroom and beyond  Offers depth and breadth of assessment through various problem types including;

   

End-of-chapter Concept mastery Drawing problems Mechanism and synthesis reaction practice  Thousands of test bank questions and MORE

SmartWork is the most intuitive tutorial and online homework system available

 Motivate student learning  Offer additional help to students who need it  Maintain full editorial control over questions  Discourage cheating with algorithmic variables

 Encourage study and review with an integrated e-book  Easily manage assignments and grades  Spend more time teaching

Sapling Learning helps improve the practice of teaching to help ensure success

 Guarantee the easiest and most effective online homework experience possible for both you and your students  Maintain full control of curriculum  Saves time  Monitor student progress

ALEKS is a web-based, artificially intelligent assessment and learning system

 Targets Gaps in Individual Student Knowledge  MyPie Individualized Study Plan  Robust Course Management Tools  Automatically Graded Assignments

 Automated Reports  Monitor Student and Course Progress  Open Response Environment  Avoids Multiple-Choice Questions  Unlimited Online Access - PC and Mac Compatible

 POGIL (Process Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning)  Is a pedagogical method devised to teach process skills  As well as content using an inquiry based education approach

 Originally devised for use in teaching general chemistry  The structure of POGIL is broadly applicable in all subjects

 POGIL activities follow the structure of the learning cycle of  Exploration  Concept invention and application  Has a strong basis in constructivism

 Students work together in groups of 3 or 4  Students work together on activities that are structured to help them build up a concept  Which creates positive interdependence among the students, reinforcing involvement and learning for each student

 Teaching has to do with helping individuals acquire knowledge, skills and attitudes in different areas of learning  Teaching is guiding, facilitating and motivating learners

 Professors are required to assists students to learn  By making the teaching/learning environment, stimulating, challenging and dynamic  Innovative instructional approaches can assist the learner reduce the monotony associated with using only the “chalk and talk” option


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