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January 20, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Arts & Humanities, Writing, Journalism
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Interactive Whiteboard Presentation

Which is the odd one out?

Newsround • • Great for current news stories. Updated every day. • Could use in tutor or for topical issue discussions.

Testbase • Available for English, Maths and Science. • Shows levelled questions from past exam papers. • Useful for starters, plenaries in lessons. • Great for making class assessments or used as AFL tasks.

Interactive Teaching Programs (ITPs) - Maths • A useful aid to help children visualise different maths topics. • Some are very versatile and have many uses. • Can be downloaded at:

• http://nationalstrategies.standards.d av:49909

Maths Tools • Online protractor etc. • • Soon to have Promethean boards and software which will have all maths tools like this one built into the program.

English Software • Ideal to get lower school children or those with SEN to improve their sentences and start thinking about Vocabulary, Connectives, Openers and Punctuation (VCOP). • Fun for starters and plenaries.

Free display stuff! • • Mainly aimed at Primary School age, but you might find something useful to brighten up your walls!

Countdown Timers • There are many websites with different versions of these. Very useful to help pupils pace their own work. • Good ones at: •

Clips for all subjects • • • •

KS3 & KS4 (and SEN/KS2) Video clips to assist in key concepts Short and memorable ips/ • Reliable source – BBC.

Clips and lesson starters • • • •

Reliable source – Teachers TV Can search for all Key stages Can search for particular topics ssroom

‘How to’ clips • Video Jug – video presentations • Search for a ‘How to’ on almost anything! • • Can use for instructional writing and lots more…

All types of resources for all subjects. • TES resources online • • You will need to sign up – it is free. • Then just search for whatever you need or check their suggestions for the day.

Brainpop • • Amazing motivational cartoons • Is by subscription but is very very useful – especially for revision in Y10/11 • I have a subscription see me for my password and sign on to try it out. (LW)

Multi resources • • Go to ‘subjects’ for your need. • There are many local authority websites but this is one of the best • Many PPT’s and games to show on your white board.

Film Education • May be more useful to English/media dept but can be used to other humanities. • • Many many film clips and associated resources to show on whiteboard.

Games • • • (excellent revision quizzes for exams) • html • Get the class moving! They come up to the board and use it to play the game in teams, or groups.

Please share your useful websites! • If you find anything useful for others during the session, please write them up on the board. • We will collate a hand out with them all on after the session.

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