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Question: What creature has four feet, two feet, and three feet, but only one voice?



In Greek Mythology, Oedipus had to answer this question correctly in order to get past the sphinx. The legend and history of Oedipus is captured by Sophocles, an ancient Greek playwright. Before beginning our reading of Sophocles’ play Antigone, we are going to learn to differentiate between Greek Theatre and Modern Theatre.

Introduction to Greek Theatre

Greek Theatre was very different from theatre during Shakespearean times. What are some of the typical aspects of Shakespearean Theatre?

What are some typical aspects of Modern Day Theatre?

Greek Theatre is different than both of these theatrical forms for many reasons: • Greek Theatre was more like a stadium than a stage. • It was outdoors and open only during the day • It was built into hillsides for the slope.

• The performance area was called the orchestra because that is where the chorus performed • There were no raised stages . . . Those weren’t developed until Roman Times. • There was a wall called a skene behind the orchestra, through which the actors entered and exited

Actors: • All the actors were men • They wore large masks to amplify their voices • Masks had over-exaggerated features also

•They wore huge padded costumes in order increase visibility •They moved in a very controlled fashion that we might find artificial. •The chorus chanted together to increase volume

The Chorus: -

Consisted of 15 Men

- The -

leader was called Choragos

They represented the city elders


They reacted as ordinary citizens might

-They also commented on the action and interpreted it for the audience

Tradition: -

Greeks took their theatre very seriously


Almost like a religious festival

Plays were written for huge festivals honoring the Greek God Dionysus -

The winners of these festival competitions were highly honored -

- Sophocles (496-406 BC) was a very honored playwright

Writing Time: Write an introduction paragraph with a clear and engaging thesis statement on the following topic: How is ancient Greek theatre both similar and/or different than the theatre of modern societies?

Remember, an introduction can start one of three ways . . . With a question. With a universal startling statement. With a quote. Your last sentence should be your thesis.

Now, switch paragraphs with a partner . . . 

      

Read over the paragraph your partner gave you: Check for: You or I Contractions Abbreviations or slang Grammar, punctuation Present Tense Clear /Engaging Thesis statement Did they begin with a startling statement? Question?) Development (5-7 sentences)

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