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January 5, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Arts & Humanities, Communications, Marketing
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Introducing Crystal Reports Server 2008

You’ve Never Shared a Report like This Before

Julie Ingram, Product Manager George Hriscu, Product Marketing Manager Market Launch – July 15th


Report management The need to manage reports Crystal Reports Server 2008

Demo Competitive Information Pricing and Licensing How to Win in the Market Q&A

Report Management

A look at Reporting today…



•Are generated manually

•Report backlog delays decision making

•Are distributed via email

•Sensitive information may leak to unintended audiences

•Only provide “one view” and are static

•Lack of interactivity makes answering questions challenging

•Contain outdated information

•IT staff is overwhelmed with requests for updated reports

Reporting Today

 The A New Opportunity  Challenge ––

Business Users can use Interactive reports are accessible only –– –– –

Interactive parameters Via developer applications What-is models 2008 desktop designer With the scenario Crystal Reports Operational reporting

End Users have limitedusers options to explore and share interactive reports Empower to get more business insights

What are the Implications?

You spend more time working

You need more people to run and distribute reports

You face increasing IT costs

Solve These Issues Now

Centrally manage reports created in Crystal Reports 2008 to easily deliver compelling information to end users

Distribute, schedule, and secure reports

Interactive Reports Anywhere

Publish Reports to the Web 

Accessible anywhere



Share Reports within Portals 

Leverage existing information repositories

Consistent view for all users

Deliver Reports in Virtually Any Format 


Microsoft Office -- refreshable


Crystal Reports (.rpt)


And more…

Easily distribute interactive reports

Simplify Report Management by Scheduling Reports Information changes—access to current data drives better decisions Schedule reports at any frequency Variety of delivery options 

Web (InfoView)


FTP server

File system

Reduce IT costs

Secure Reports

Easily control access to information in an automated way Set report security at the user, group, object, and folder levels 

Custom Access Levels make this even easier

Secure information sharing is a requirement of many compliance regulations (Sarbanes-Oxley)

Get the right information to the right people

Grow with Your Customers

Easy migration to more comprehensive business intelligence solutions An easy upsell as your customer’s needs grow Natural migration to Business Objects Edge 3.0 or BusinessObjects Enterprise  Designed on the same platform as Business Objects XI 3.0

What’s New in This Release

Deliver the Most Compelling Reports Available Centrally Manage Reports with the interactivity of Crystal Reports 2008 Share stunning reports 

Embed Adobe Flash, Flex, and Xcelsius models

Make Better Decisions 

What-if scenarios

Be More Productive 

Take action with operational reports

Maintain Fewer Reports 

Interactivity lets one report satisfy information many needs

Get More Relevant Information 

Use interactive parameters and on-report sorting

Simplified Report Management

Completely redesigned Central Management Console (CMC) Improved Usability 

Navigation, workflows, and menu structure

Execute actions on multiple selected objects with Bulk Action support Easier security management with custom access levels Integration of Instance Manager into the CMC 

Manage job scheduling

Reduce the burden on IT by making report management easy!

More Flexible Licensing

Accommodate both casual and dedicated users

Purchase the number of report designers (Crystal Reports 2008) that meets your specific needs  The designer is no longer included with Crystal Reports Server

Flexibility to meet your customer’s needs Combine named user and concurrent access license

Accessible price point with named user licenses


Competing Against Microsoft Reporting Services Overcoming Microsoft Reporting Service’s Strengths I get a “free” reporting solution with my database

You need to buy another SQL license to run SQL Server Reporting Services on a separate server.

The free solution or Excel is “good enough”

Crystal Reports 2008 can be used for any type of reporting (even financial)—and has been focused on business intelligence for 15 years.

Reporting Service’s Weaknesses No offline report viewing and no ondemand report viewing solution.

Crystal Reports Viewer XI is available for free, which enables viewing of reports even when you’re disconnected from your server. allows you to share your reports online, and we host your files for you—so there’s no need to deploy anything or to depend on IT.

Static export to Excel and PDF

Crystal Reports Server lets you embed refreshable reports into Microsoft Office documents.

Less flexible licensing

Crystal Reports Server 2008 more cost effective because it’s the only solution that lets you cater to your customer’s specific needs, accommodating casual and dedicated users, and any number of report designers

No Adobe Flex or Flash integration

Reporting Services reports are still static and dull, their commitment to Silverlight makes Flash integration unlikely

What this means for YOU

Win in the Market!

Increase your average order value  Use the new 5 named user license solution to get into price-sensitive accounts  Add Crystal Reports Server 2008 to new and existing Crystal Reports 2008 deals

Upgrade customers on older versions for complete management  Works for Crystal Reports and Crystal Reports Server Sell Crystal Reports 2008 with your database opportunities (including SQL Server)

Meet any customers need with our flexible licensing

Seed your market for adoption of BusinessObjects Edge and Enterprise solutions!

Your Sales Support Resources Partner Information Resources 

Americas channel sales and support 

Channel hotline: 1-888-866-2366, available from 6AM to 5PM PST 

Deal registration, buddy calls/upsell

Email: [email protected]

EMEA channel sales and support 

Call your account manager

[email protected]

Your Sales Support Resources

APJ channel sales and support 

Call your account manager

Product materials and regional contact information can be found on the resource centre:

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