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Vietnam War Introduction Background The jungle War Influence on America

Introduction • War

The war was between America and Vietnam. It was an inhumane war which lasted 12 years. It not only cost Vietnam great trouble, but pushed America to a poisonous situation.

Background • At the end of the second world war, Vietnam declared its independence. On 1945,9,23 supported by the USA, France invaded the south of Vietnam, and occupied Saigon.

• At the resistance of Vietnam, France was forced to give in. But France broke the agreement and made incident which forced Vietnam fought again.

America’s participation • Vietnam defeated the French invader. France asked America for help. American government sent soldiers to Vietnam and involved in the War. In 1964,under the chief of staff Wistermolin’s direct ,the War broke out.

America defeated In the year of 1973 ,Ame rica was defeated .P resident Nixon signed the agreement

America defeated

• This is Vietnam’s leader. He is the hero of Vietnam who lead Vietnam defeated America.

The Influence • The Vietnam War was the longest defeated war in American history. The war lasted 12 years and cost 400 billion dollars. There were 56000 American people dead and 30000 injured.

• It brought America great damage. what‘s more, ordinary people across America strongly against the war which made the government in a dangerous situation.

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