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AFROTC Standards C/Lt Col Dean Daly Inspector General Reference:AFROTCI 36-2008, AFI 36-2903

Overview 

Academic Standards

Physical Training Standards

Attendance Policy

Dress and Appearance 2



Academic Standards 

Scholarship cadets must achieve a cumulative and term GPA of at least 2.5 Contracted Non-scholarship cadets must maintain a cumulative and term GPA of at least 2.0 Must be enrolled as a full time student Must earn at least a C- in all Aerospace Studies classes 4

Physical Training Standards  

Must pass the Physical Fitness Test (PFT) with a minimum score of 75 3 Events and a waist measurement Event

Male Max/Min 62/33

Female Max/Min 42/18




1.5 Mile Run

9:36/ 12:30

11:06/ 14:30



Attendance 

Cadets must attend at least 80% of Leadership Laboratory, Physical Training, and Aerospace Studies classes


Uniform Wear   

All Leadership Laboratory days until COB 1630 Any official AFROTC Physical Training session All Aerospace Studies classes


Male Grooming Standards -Hair

will have a tapered appearance and not touch

ears. -Hair will not exceed 1.25 inches in bulk or ¼ inch at the termination point. -If hair is dyed, color must appear natural and be uniformly distributed. -Also permitted: High and Tight or cleanly shaven head. -Sideburns must be trimmed and tapered and not extend past the lowest part of the exterior ear opening. -Neatly trimmed mustaches are permitted. -Must be cleanly shaven. (exception: medical waiver)

Female Grooming Standards -Hair

will be clean and neatly arranged, long hair will have no loose ends. -Hair will not exceed three inches in bulk. -If hair is dyed, color must appear natural and be .uniformly distributed. -Hair will not be worn in any style which falls below the bottom edge of the collar while in uniform. -Pins, combs, or barrettes that match the natural color of the hair are permitted. -Decorative hair ornaments are not permitted. -Female cadets exercising in the PTU may wear their hair free of pins or other accessories normally required to meet uniform standards.


Accessories 

Up to three rings are permitted at any time, conservative in nature. Wedding and engagement ring sets count as one ring. No thumb rings are permitted.

Cadets may wear one conservative watch and one conservative colored bracelet (silver, gray, black, medium to dark blue, medium to dark shades of brown, including POW/MIA bracelets or medical bracelets) that does not detract from a proper military image, and is not wider than half an inch. Only one bracelet or watch may be worn on each wrist. Bracelets that support a cause, philosophy, individual or group are not authorized.

Necklaces are permitted but must not be visible, conservative in nature.

Tattoos must not cover more than one quarter of the exposed area or they must be covered.

Accessories (cont) 

Males: no piercing or cosmetics

Females: o

Cosmetics will be conservative and in good taste. One nail polish color may be worn, provided the nails are well-groomed and the color is conservative, will not contrast with complexion or uniform. No ornamentation will be worn on the nails. French manicures are allowed. Nail length will not exceed one quarter inch from finger tip.


Earrings may be worn by female cadets if they are small and conservative. They must be white pearl, gold, silver, black, or diamond, and be spherical in 11 shape (studs). One earring per ear.

PTU Requirements 

Air Force gray and blue PT uniform items. (shorts, T-shirts, and sweats) • Pick up from uniform room ASAP

    

If you don’t have AF PTU’s wear appropriate civilian attire. (i.e. black or blue solid color shorts, T- shirt, and sweats) Must wear white socks with PTUs, small conservative logos are permitted. Shirt must be tucked into shorts. PTUs will not be worn outside of physical training environment or mixed with other uniforms Reflective belts will be required when issued. Spandex or leggings under PTU shorts are authorized 12

PTU Sweats Requirements 

The sweat shirt and sweat pants may be worn together or separately with the grey/blue style T-shirt and shorts. The sweat shirt will not be worn without the T-shirt underneath. The sweat pants will not be worn without the shorts underneath.


Short Sleeve Blues 

  

Shoes must be polished, GMC cadets are not permitted to wear pre-shine (corfram) shoes. Socks must be black. Pants must be clean, free of strings, and pressed. Shirt must be wrinkle free, no strings, no military creases; Creases only on sleeves. White v-neck t-shirts are required beneath blue shirt. 14

SS Blues Accessories   

 

Belt must be worn. Gig line (demonstrated) Blue, plastic nametag is centered over right pocket for males, centered horizontally and between 2nd and 3rd button for females. GMC ranks will be worn with lines intersecting behind you. Proper flight cap wear. (demonstrated) Flight cap may be stored under belt on left side aligned with top of belt, cap opening to the rear. 15

Cell Phones    

Cell phones will not be visible during official training or in formation. Cadets will not walk in uniform while using cell phone or hands-free devices. Cadets may wear one cell phone on belt or carry in left hand. Phone on belt must be black or in black case, conservative in nature. 16

Book Bags  

  

Book bags (solid dark blue or solid black in color) are authorized for wear with any uniform. If wearing a book bag with the uniform, the bag should present an acceptable appearance and be in good condition. Book bags may be worn over both of the cadet’s shoulders on the university campus only. Book bags will be worn only on the left shoulder when off-campus and on military installations. Book bags that are not solid dark blue or solid black in color must be carried in the left hand.


Summary 

Academic Standards

Physical Training Standards

Attendance Policy

Dress and Appearance 18



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