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What is IPYL ?  A non-governmental, not-for-profit, non-partisan

organization created in 1997 by a group of young Palestinians.  A youth organization that targets young Palestinians and youth led organizations between 15 and 35 years old.

IPYL MISSION Empowering Palestinian YOUTH Against social, economical, cultural and political challenges facing the Palestinian society through variety of local- regional projects and international relations.

Why IPYL? The reality of Palestinian youth is different from any other place:  Israeli occupation is leaving deep marks on the Palestinian

youth’s attitude and aspirations;

 Palestinian youth participation in public life is very limited

and never on a decision making level;

 Uncertainness about the future perspectives and hopelessness

reinforce the feeling of alienation, impotence and confusion among youth.

IPYL works to provide some hope for a generation that holds the present and the future of Palestine………..

Why IPYL in HEBRON? HEBRON, a special case:  Society in Hebron District is very conservative and with the population still largely adhering to tribal/family allegiances rather than the rule of law and democratic participation.  Cultural and situational factors have wide implications on the youngest generations.  The Hebron District is largely untouched and unnoticed by the plethora of development projects undertaken elsewhere in Palestine.  NGOs mission in Hebron have been limited to straight service delivery and there is an absence of integrative action and approach for local youth.

IPYL’ s OBJECTIVES: To encourage young people to: Have an active community involvement. Understand the importance of democracy, human rights principles and international humanitarian


Develop a spirit of independence and creativity. Recognize and respect cultural diversity. Work with young people in the neighboring countries to achieve a real peace.

IPYL’ s OBJECTIVES:  To promote an end to discrimination and the respect of diversities.  To assist Palestinian society’s underprivileged &

marginalize sectors.  To encourage equal opportunities in all social

sectors, stressing liberal values, secular ethos, democratic principles, intercultural learning and community development.

Activities: an overview   

  

 

Youth Leadership and Capacity Building Initiatives. Voluntary and summer Work camps. Intercultural Exchange and Twinning’s. International voluntary Work camps. Cultural Activities and study trips. Youth Information Center. Language Courses. Studies and Researches.

ACTIVITIES: 1) Youth Leadership and

Capacity Building Initiatives- ongoing    

To enhance working skills. To rise responsibility and caring feeling. To increase self-confidence. To develop active citizenship.

Through seminars, workshops, courses, conferences…

ACTIVITIES: 2) Educational Summer Camp for local Teenager  Short term: 1 – 3 weeks.

 Large number of participants (50 – 100).  Participants (boys and girls) from different areas of Hebron district learn how to live and work together.  Raising awareness on international humanitarian

values among Palestinian youth.  Include visit to public and non governmental associations.

ACTIVITIES: 3) International Voluntary Work camps

     

UP TO Dec 2010: 61 international work camps with more than 1700 participants Open new horizons: 2-3 weeks long. Interaction with people from other cultures. Tolerance and anti-discrimination. Solidarity. Independence. Joint ventures.

Work camp season 2010 enrolling Work camp code


Organized by


Inscription via

ME045 – IPYL058

21/6 - 5/7/2010



[email protected]





[email protected]

ME047 – IPYL059

23/7 - 5/8/2010



[email protected]


23/7 - 5/8/2010


Amman Jordan

[email protected]





[email protected]





[email protected]


4) Long Term Voluntary Programs-LTV  European Voluntary Services (EVS)  Internship (universities and Schools)  LTV (different categories)

UP TO November 2009: EVS (European Voluntary Service): 136 incoming and 45 outgoing Student Internships: 32 students (Long term volunteers) LTV: 52 volunteers • • • • • • •

3 – 12 months. Integration within the community. Exchange of know-how. Better understanding of cultures through mutual learning. Sharing of experience and thoughts. Learning to respect diversity and pluralism. Variety of topics/themes (children, art, research, media, …).

ACTIVITIES: 5) Intercultural Exchanges and Training -


MAIN TOPICS: Gender. Human rights. Democracy and citizenship. Peace. Arts.

 Short term (1-3 weeks).  Local, regional, international.  Participants from different



MAIN TOPICS Management of youth organization. Leading international activities. Values and ethic of youth group. Youth structure. Time Management.

ACTIVITIES: 6) Language Courses:  English.  French.  Spanish.  Italian.  German.

 Open to public for a symbolic fee.  Presented by native language speaker. ( volunteers and professionals)

ACTIVITIES: 7) Youth Information Center: - Free Internet. - Library. - Information on jobs and

scholarships. - Social and psychological consultations


8) Cultural Activities and Geo-political Trips

For local and internationals. - To promote cultural heritage and expose the unique Palestinian culture to

internationals . - To enhance feeling of belonging among Palestinian youth. - To embrace the talents of young artists and actors; painters, writers, cinema, theater, etc.

Visiting groups to Palestine (solidarity groups, students, journalists, researchers).

ACTIVITIES: 9) Studies, Researches and Documentaries  Studying the impact of social, political, economical and cultural   

  

conditions on the Youth sector in Hebron district: Survey on the Reality and Needs of Community-Based Organizations in Hebron-2007. Research on "Democratic life and its empowerment in the Hebron Governorate (2004-2006) Over 60 Audio and Video documentaries on Hebron social and cultural burdens (2004-2007-ongoing) “Occupied Campus”, report on the closure of Hebron University (2003) Special Study on Hebron Youth Sectors (2002) Youth in Palestine (2004)

IPYL Community Media Center


 The Media Center is a center, created by IPYL, to enhance the development of media and its usage by the local NGOs with in the district of Hebron. It was funded by the European Commission and SCI Italy. This Project lasted for 30 months(2003-2006):  Facilities include:  Video filming and editing facilities.  Radio/audio studio.  Web Development Studios.  Conference area with full media support.  Fully equipped Photo Development Dark Room.  Activities organized include:  Seminars and trainings on Media , Democracy, Human Rights, Gender equality, Civil society and voter Education.  Radio Shows.  TV Productions.  Professional courses on Filming, Editing, Photography, Radio and Web Development.

Other projects 1. Giving women a voice Seven months (11/2006-06/2007) project supported by UNESCO and Irish Aid aims at empowering women through Media. It included:  Intensive training courses in women rights and perspectives  Professional technical training in video, audio, photojournalism  5 TV and 9 Radio productions on women issues  2 photo exhibitions on women concerns

2. Civil Society and Media: Democracy in Action  Ten months project supported by the European Commission  Aims at providing media and Human Rights literacy for NGO workers,    

volunteers, student leaders and local journalists included; workshops on; Democracy, Human Rights, Media, Civil society and active citizenship. 2 specialized conferences on; Human rights and Media/ Democracy and Media Technical training on media tools; video, audio and photojournalism; Production of 10 video and audio capsules and 2 photo exhibitions

3. Empowerment and Rehabilitation of the Youth Sector in Hebron"  24 months project supported by

the Spanish cooperation (March 2007-Feb 2009)  Aims at empowering 15 youth NGOs to enable them to provide the necessary services and activities for the young people in the governorate of Hebron  Includes three stages: institutional building; capacity building and finally networking.

4. Empowerment of youth through Civic Engagement  Six months project started in March 2008. supported

by MEPI in partnership with Creative Associates.  Aimed at Promoting the participation of young people in the social and political life, focusing the attention on equality issues and aiming to make the distance between the decision makers and citizens get nearer.  Revive the self esteem and confidence in the hearts and minds of the young people.  Support for informal education, training and awareness-raising in the area of civil rights.

5. ICT and Media as a tool for reviving youth active citizenship and development  Eight months project started in February 2009, supported by the 

    

Information Society-UNESCO-Paris Aimed at To help empower and develop disadvantaged youth through increased access to, and use of, information and communication technologies and web based social networking tools To empower youth in Hebron district and the West Bank To train youth to become agents for change and community development. To increase the development and implementation of joint community youth oriented initiatives through to access to information and ICT To give youth the tools to identify, formulate and express their needs and possible solutions To increase the use of ICT and media as a tool for addressing community and development issues.

6. Connecting Palestinian Youth in Hebron & Nablus  One year project supported ny International Program for the

Development of Communication (IPDC-UNESCO-Ramallah) in Partnership with MCRC-Nablus.  Aimed at Empower and give voice to young people who are often marginalized and excluded in the Palestinian society and public debates  Increase the interest and program content of the Palestinian media on the issues that concern and matter to the youth in the West Bank and Gaza  Connect isolated and fragmented communities of young people in the West Bank in constructive dialogue and exchange

7. Securing a Future Free of Poverty: Palestinian Youth Advocacy for Equity and Employment  Twenty four months project supported by the European

Commission in partnership with Mercy Corps and Save Youth Future Society (Gaza)  The action’s overall objective is to support sustainable povertyreduction and youth empowerment in the occupied Palestinian territories by advancing technology-enabled employment and youth advocacy. The action’s specific objective is to increase capacity and cohesiveness of Palestinian youth advocacy networks, TVETs, and ICT private sector actors to demand and deliver job skills for vulnerable Palestinian youth in response to documented market demands.

IPYL Music Unit  Supported by the British Consulate the project aims at

increasing the opportunities for disadvantaged children by providing music skills, stress-relief and social integration.

IPYL IN THE WORLD IPYL cooperates with several local, national, regional and international institutions, in both the public and non governmental sectors. IPYL is member of: • Youth Action for Peace (YAP) – Belgium- www.yap.org • INFO Youth / UNESCO – France-www.infoyouth.org • Coordinating Committee for International Voluntary Service-CCIVS • Paris, France. www.unesco.org/ccivs/ • Palestinian Network for Youth Organization – Ramallah-Palestine • Palestinian Youth Resource Center-Ramallah, Palestine. ww.palyrc.org.ps • Islamic Conference Youth Forum for Dialogue and Cooperation, • Baku, Azerbaijan www.icyf.com • Association for One Democratic State in Palestine/Israel-Geneva, Swizerland. • Web: www.one-democratic-state.org . • United Network of Young Peacebuilders/The Hague, The Netherlands. Web: www.unoy.org • Mouvement pour une Alternative Non-violente-Paris, France www.nonviolence.fr • The Anna Lindh Euro-Mediterranean Foundation for the Dialogue between CulturesAlexandria, Egypt: www.euromedalex.org

For more information, suggestions and contacts:  Come to the office:

Al-Isra Building #5, Jaffa Street, Hebron  Visit our web-site: http://www.ipyl.org  E-mail us: [email protected]  Or just phone:

Tel: +972-2-2229131 Fax: + 972-2-2290652

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