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January 6, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Arts & Humanities, Performing Arts, Comedy
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Irony and Satire

“Irony is enormously satisfying perhaps because we know instinctively that our carefully laid plans and ambitions and strivings often come to so little.” Ray Bradbury

Situational irony is prevalent in many fables, fairytales, and myths. Often, a What is the DRAMATIC SITUATIONAL IRONY IRONY in the (unexpected Disney movies comedy-tragedy) pictured? In protagonist tries to escape a predicted fate, but in doing so, he/she actually other words,in what the do Farwe Side© know cartoons that thebelow? characters do not? causes the feared outcome to occur (i.e. Oedipus).

I. Irony – kind of surprise; difference between what is expected and what occurs

II. Types of Irony A. Verbal Irony – saying one thing but meaning another; similar to sarcasm B. Situational Irony – when the opposite of what we expect occurs (reversed expectations) C. Dramatic Irony – when a reader knows what a character does not (withheld knowledge)

III. Satire – writing or performance that uses ridicule to bring about social or political reform

The satirist reveals human weaknesses in an attempt to expose and eliminate human stupidity and wickedness. It is comedy with a purpose.

Monty Python

The English comedy troop known as Monty Python have created some of The The Life Holy of Brian Grail satirizes focuses on chivalry religion and The faith. Meaning Brian, of aLife young satirizes man life who the most famous satire in recent decades. The three movies above make and was knightly born invalues. a Bethlehem manger next dooritself. to Jesus. almost everything a target of satire.

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