ISAPN speaks with a unified voice on behalf of APNs in Illinois

January 5, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Social Science, Political Science
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Illinois Society for Advanced Practice Nursing Email: [email protected]

ISAPN represents all four APN categories: Advanced Practice Nurse (APN): The American Nurses Association (ANA) defines APN as a registered nurse with masters or doctoral preparation that manifests a high level of expertise in the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of actual or potential health problems. Currently, The State of Illinois recognizes four advanced practice nursing categories:

Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist


Certified Clinical Nurse Specialist


Certified Nurse Practitioner

Certified Nurse Midwife



ISAPN speaks with a unified voice on behalf of APNs in Illinois

ISAPN speaks with a unified voice on behalf of APNs in Illinois. ISAPN has three priorities: * Increase membership by recruiting new members and retaining current members * Advocate for APNs in the legislature regarding prescriptive authority and scope of practice issues * Provide educational programs


APNs have been actively involved in not only providing outstanding care to the residents of Illinois, but also becoming more involved in healthcare policy. ISAPN has been an influential leader in helping to pass bills promoting APN practice and blocking legislation that would limit your practice.

ISAPN Board of Directors: President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Government Relations Chair Membership Chair Marketing Chair Program Chair Region Representatives CNS Representative CNP Representative CNM Representative CRNA Representative


EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS REGIONAL MEETINGS, PHARMACOLOGY UPDATES & ISAPN MIDWEST CONFERENCE * ISAPN Members attend ISAPN sponsored regional meetings and ISAPN sponsored statewide educational sessions on clinical topics of interest throughout the year. Many of these opportunities also offer Continuing Education Credits.

* Pharmacology Updates are typically held twice a year. * At the Annual ISAPN Midwest Conference, APNs and APN students earn CEs, learn about new treatment options, network, gather and share information about the latest products and technologies, and have fun. *Members receive discounted registration fees for all ISAPN sponsored programs.

ISAPN APN BOOT CAMP TRADITIONAL TOPICS INCLUDE: Transitioning from RN to APN: learn about the challenges of being a new APN, common misunderstandings about APNs and the "Queen Bee Syndrome". Interviewing Skills - know what to expect when interviewing for an APN position, some typical questions and 6 common mistakes to avoid. Be prepared and know what you want before the interview. Contract Formation and Negotiation - uncover 4 common myths about negotiation and how to respond to tactics like "good guy/bad guy". Know what preparation is needed to negotiate your best deal and what's in a good contact, especially for APNs. Malpractice Issues - Learn about "proving the standard of care” in malpractice cases, compensable damages, policies to avoid the charge of "failure to communicate findings" and when negligent referral is applicable. Reimbursement 101 - Know why APNs must be personally involved with their reimbursement policies, the need for equitable reimbursement policies and how to address them. Learn a few differences between Medicaid, Medicare and commercial insurances with APN reimbursement - and why you should bill under your own license/number!

LOOKING FOR A PRECEPTOR? * ISAPN helps it’s student members find a preceptor in their area. •With over 1200 Active Members, ISAPN has a broad forum in which to find student members a preceptor!

Practice Issues Response Team (PIRT) PIRT is a group of APNs who have volunteered their time and expertise to assist members with issues that arise in their practice. Membership in ISAPN is required. If you are wondering what kind of topics are addressed by PIRT, here are a few: • Licensure Issues • Scope of Practice • Written Collaborative Agreements • Credentialing and Privileging, Malpractice Issues and the Nurse Practice Act, just to name a few.

LEGISLATIVE ADVOCACY & POLITICAL INFLUENCE ISAPN is the ONLY organization in Illinois that monitors actions of the legislature that can affect your practice.

Professional APNs are aware of the potential threats to our practice act and are proactive by being a part of the only organization that has a lobbyist that works to further the impact of APNs in Illinois and helps to eliminate barriers to practice. ISAPN’s lobbyists keep membership apprised of legislation affecting practice. They educate and mentor members to be involved in the legislative process. Raise funds for our PAC = Political Action Committee

Networking with other agencies to further the practice of APNs and remove barriers to practice.

Join ISAPN Today! Membership for a student members is $100. Not only is ISAPN’s Membership affordable, but it is so valuable that APNs in Illinois cannot afford NOT to join. Join at

For more information about ISAPN, including educational programs, mentoring, enrollment and all other information for APNs in Illinois please visit Or email us at [email protected]

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