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Youth Leadership Rebuilding the Future

Background Since the earthquake and tsunami of March 2011, the unemployment rate in the Tohoku region has skyrocketed. The main industries of the region - fishing and agriculture have been devastated. The youth of Tohoku needs to re-imagine their futures from scratch. The Idea – Investing in the Future Providing training in entrepreneurism, innovation and life skills to youth from Tohoku.

The youth returns to their communities with practical vocational and leadership skills. Using these new skills as a mobilizing force within fragile and distressed communities.

Our Vision IsraAID is always searching for additional partners who will be able to accommodate Tohoku communities' need for professional education and training. We believe that major businesses in Japan can use IsraAID's local knowledge and deep relationships with the communities in order to convey their specific know-how while enhancing their reach and contributing to the rebuilding efforts. A successful entrepreneurship, leadership and vocational training requires experts in these fields. We invite companies to provide added value to our program by sharing their knowledge, expertise, and core competencies and helping us in creating “shared value” for their business and the people of Japan. By cooperating with IsraAID’s youth leadership programs, businesses can demonstrate their commitment to the communities they operate in, and participate in creating a future vision, based on their organization's values.

IsraAID & Hilton - Partnership Model On August 2012, a group of ten high schools students from different areas in Tohoku participated in 6 days of intensive training during which they received both skills and job training by Hilton staff, as well as group building activities, creative thinking, innovation and leadership training by IsraAID.

Practical skills & training The Hilton, among of the most prestigious hotels chain in the world and one of the biggest hotels in Tokyo, is uniquely poised to give valuable hands-on experience to youth in the hospitality and service industry.

Leadership, Activism and Entrepreneurship training IsraAID brings international experts with 20 years of experience in development of youth leadership training – combining entrepreneurship and activism – in many countries around the world.

Skills and Leadership - Program Content IsraAID’s training program include:

Hilton offered training in 4departments:

Creative thinking  Kitchen Social awareness Food & Beverage The value of volunteerism in the community House keeping Group building activities Bell desk The power of a group to create social change  Meeting Japanese role models, who have Each of the students was positioned guided change in their communities Building self-confidence: presentation skills, in one of the departments, and was accompanied by Employee Mentor and body language.

who provided personal training and oversaw the student’s progress.

ACTIVISM  One group has the power to create significant social change.  Each participant will learn to foster a culture of volunteerism.  Each group will plan and implement small community project / events using what they have learned in the sessions, and under IsraAID’s guidance.

Provide tools to empower communities Examples for community projects: Build community archives in libraries to preserve local culture Organize cultural events and awareness campaigns Launch national and international youth exchange programs Create framework for children with special needs Create micro-finance initiatives

Objectives To establish a sustainable program that will become self-sufficient and focus on capacity building in each individual community.

Why us? Expertise IsraAID brings years of experience in designing entrepreneurship and innovation educational programs worldwide. IsraAID has already executed projects based on youth leadership and activism in Japan.

Foundations IsraAID has established sustainable connections with local institutions, organizations and communities in the Tohoku region:  With the departments of education in target prefectures  With individual community leaders IsraAID fostered the trust of the population IsraAID’s projects in Japan have been extensively covered in the local, national and international media.

Benefits Strengthening relationships between the company and the local community in the affected regions. Exposure of the company’s social involvement through positive coverage in the media.

Hilton & IsraAID Youth Skills & Leadership Summer 2012

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