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January 5, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Arts & Humanities, Writing, Spelling
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Jayne the Jackal Written and Illustrated by Daniel Rodrigues

Jayne was a sneaky little creature. She took Jason’s breakfast while he went to the lake to drink some water.

Jayne took Jonathon’s lunch while he was looking for an entrée.

Jayne took Jacob’s dinner while he was talking to his girlfriend Josie.

Jason, Jonathon and Jacob were not happy. “We worked hard to get our food” said Jason. “Jayne just takes and gives nothing back” stated Jonathon. “This time, we will give her a dessert she’ll never forget” smirked Jacob.

The next day, Jayne was doing her usual rounds of stealing other Jackal’s food. She took Jason’s breakfast, but when she was about to eat it, there were only grass clippings.

Jayne then went to Jonathon’s place to steal lunch. “Yuck!” said Jayne. There was only mud in Jonathon’s lunch bowl.

Jayne was feeling hungry from having no breakfast or lunch. When she went to Jacob’s place to steal his dinner, all she saw was tree bark in his bowl.

As Jayne went back sulking. Jason, Jonathon and Jacob laughed.

“If you worked as hard earning a living, as you did stealing other Jackal’s food, then you would have enough food for a lifetime.” said Jacob. “You can have some of our food if you clean our beds and apologise to us for stealing” said Jonathon.

Jayne knew she did something wrong and could make an honest living cleaning Jason, Jonathon and Jacobs beds for food. “I’m sorry” said Jayne. The three Jackals smiled and forgave her.

Jayne ended up with a job cleaning the Jackals beds. She never needed to steal anymore, because she was always guaranteed a meal.


Published October 2012

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