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Truman’s policy of keeping Soviet influence within existing boundaries.

What is containment? $100

Eastern European countries dominated by Soviet power and influence were called these.

What are satellite nations? $200

This communist leader gained control in China in 1949.

Who is Mao Zedong? $300

Mass producing homes was this man’s vision.

Who is William Levitt? $400

This man who created a program to rebuild Europe after WWII; NATO members joined.

Who is George Marshall? $500

This WWII general defined the “domino theory”; he served as president for two terms during the 1950s.

Who is Dwight D. Eisenhower? $100

This senator accused many of being “dirty commies”; with no evidence, he destroyed many lives.

Who is Joseph McCarthy? $200

This General argued that the U.S. had to attack China to win in Korea; Truman promptly fired him.

Who is the Douglas MacArthur? $300

This revolutionary leader set up a socialist state in Cuba in 1959.

Who is Fidel Castro? $400

This Soviet leader launched Sputnik to the shock of many in the U.S.

Who is Nikita Khushchev? $???

The hippies rejection of 1950s values was classified by this term.

What is the counterculture? $100

The U.S. and the Soviet Union came close to nuclear war during the fourteen days of this fiasco.

What is the Cuban Missile Crisis?


These “hit and run” were a new type of warfare we first experienced in Vietnam.

What is guerilla warfare? $300

This president had visions of a

Great Society

but gave it up to pay for Vietnam.

Who is Lyndon Johnson? $400

The US Embassy was attacked by the North Vietnamese during this event, creating a turning point in the Vietnam War.

What is the Tet Offensive? $500

This policy of Nixon’s, meaning “reducing tension”, was applied throughout this decade.

What is détente ? $100

Nixon and Brezhnev signed this treaty which controlled the number of nuclear weapons each could hold.

What is the S.A.L.T. agreement?

(Strategic Arms Limitations Treaty)


The Soviet Union invaded this country, resulting in a U.S. boycott of the Moscow Olympics.

What is Afghanistan? $300

Bringing these two leaders to an agreement at Camp David was Carter’s biggest achievement.

Who are Sadat and Begin? $400

The NY Times reported lies and errors made in Vietnam in these defense documents.

What are the Pentagon Papers? $???

This Soviet leader “made the fear disappear”.

Who is Mikhail Gorbachev? $100

The Berlin Wall came tumbling down when this president was in power.

Who is George Bush Sr.? $200

Reagan increased defense spending to research this defense program.

What is SDI or Star Wars? Strategic Defense Initiative


This Soviet policy of “speaking out openly and honestly” was a great change for the USSR.

What is

glasnost ? $400

In this affair, Reagan sold arms to one country to pay for a revolution in another, all without Congress’ approval!

What is the Iran-Contra Affair? $500


These three factors contributed to the end of the Cold War.

What are: (name 3!) 1.The USSR’s economic troubles at home. 2.Gorbie’s policies of glasnost and perestroika 3.Reagan’s hawkish attitude and STAR WARS program. 4.The Soviet’s burden of fighting a war in Afghanistan.

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