John Proctor

January 5, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: History, World History
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By: Jimbo and Kye

Victim or Perpetrator   He was accused of witchcraft  Proctor’s accusers Ann Putnam, Mastris Pope, Mary Warren, Mircy Lewes and Abigail Williams testify against John.  His accuser’s said his ghost tortured them by pinching and choking them. Ann Putnam said John made her write in the Devil’s book.

Social Status   John moved to Salem to raise a family of three as well as to obtain more land for farming.  Within the Puritan community, John was well respected and had great pride before the trials.  Comparatively, John would be considered a middle class citizen.  However, John voiced against witch craft resulting in negative respect

Personal Life   John had two wives before the trials and one, Elizabeth Bassett, during the trials.  Proctor was 60 years old when he was executed

Christian Like?   According to the Puritan belief, marriage had to be consensual by both persons. They also wanted the person to be happy. John however had three different wives. He was a caring person but he did not stay strong to his religion.

What else?   He was an enormous man who had a little trouble making good choices and keeping his mouth shut.  First male to be accused of witch craft.  All of his children were eventually accused  His wife got accused but got out of execution because she was pregnant  After he died, Proctor’s family was given 150 pounds

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