Joseph Haydn

January 5, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Social Science
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He was born on April 1,1732 in Rohrau, Austria. (Located Lower Austria) His real Birth name was Franz Joseph Haydn. His nickname was “papa”  **explanation is later on…

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Haydn had a hard child hood. He made his money by singing in choir. Once his voice broke, he had to make money by playing dance music and being a butler. Haydn had to do all this at the age of 6.

Haydn was employed later on as a “Kapellmeister” for his famous works. He was employed by Fuerst Esterhazy in Eisenstabt in 1761. Haydn worked for him for the next thirty years, serving him and composing.

**For working and taking care of others, they began calling him “Papa Haydn”

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Growing up with the Esterhazy family, he became more popular, as well as his music. Two important pieces came from him in this time era. The Paris symphonies written between 17851786 and “The Seven Last Words of Christ”(1786) Haydn began to feel alone and missed his live back in Vienna. The new Esterhazy prince aloud him to go back to his old life.

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He married a woman named Maria Anna Keller. (November 26, 1760-1800)(her death) They had no children of their own but Haydn had an illegitimate son. His name was Alois Anton Nikolaus Polzelli, born April 22, 1783. He was a soprano for the Luigia Polzelli.

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His music influenced Mozart(a good friend of his) His very own student, Ludwig van Beethoven. And many others.



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With his health not doing so well, he returns to London to try continue composing. Haydn stopped composing in 1803. His last words were from his favorite song, “Gone is all my strength, I am old and weak.” Haydn died in Vienna on May 31, 1809.

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“The Seven Last Words of Christ”

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