Journalism Lesson - Flying Back To Nature

January 15, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Arts & Humanities, Writing, Journalism
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Journalism What is Journalism?

How is Journalism linked to English? Where do we use Journalism in Pigeon Racing?

Journalism in Pigeon Racing So why do we use Journalism in the sport of Pigeon Racing? Journalism is widely used in the Sport of Racing Pigeons as a large number of people who have pigeons also like to read articles and interviews with other pigeon flyers so that new ideas and stories can be shared with different people all over the world. There are 3 main publications within the sport

The British Homing World (Magazine)

The Racing Pigeon (Journals)

PIPA (Internet)

Article Righting Below is an article from the British Homing World (BHW) one of the world’s most popular weekly Pigeon Magazines.

The main bulk of the BHW content is made up of articles such as the one below.

What do you notice about this article? Discuss in groups what features make up this article Include:

• The good points • The points that are not so good

• What would you change? (See next page for full screen image)

Now its your turn! You are going to extract the information as from each interview given from the clips below. •

Use interviews to answer the questions on the sheet, also add any other information you think would be useful

Remember this information will be used by your group to wright an article on the sport of Pigeon Racing !!So make sure you listen and watch very carefully to what they have to say!! Click on the videos to hear the interviews

Now for the pictures Every good Article has some snappy shots to capture the attention of the reader and here are some from your interview, remember to match the correct image to what you are talking about to bring the whole article together!

So What did you come up with? Did you manage to get the following points into your article? • Plan and organise your writing effectively, using paragraphs which are linked • Use a variety of sentence lengths and join them using connectives • Add detail and interest to your sentences by choosing your words carefully for effect

• Check your writing, so that you spot any mistakes in spelling or punctuation

So how did you do? On the look at the next image and have a look at how one school have used article righting to be published in the British Homing World and also appear on the internet site Both are published the all over the world and all the information has been produced by its students. How does yours Compare!

So to Finish • What is Journalism • How is it used in the sport of Pigeon Racing • What is a good way of getting interview for writing articles? • Is it a good way of getting information across.

• What did You Learn Today??????

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