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Junior Panhellenic Council 2014

What is Junior Panhel? • A small group of freshmen from different Panhellenic sororities at Penn State • A great way for younger members to meet girls from other chapters and gain leadership experience before going on to hold other roles within their chapter or within Greek Life on a larger scale

Am I qualified to apply? • If you are a freshman and an active member of your chapter, yes! • You should be a highly motivated member who is seeking a leadership experience and excited to work with girls from other Panhellenic chapters at Penn State

Note: • There is no limit to the amount of girls who apply from each sorority. However, only 12 girls in total from a range of sororities will be selected for the Council.

What responsibilities will I have? • Bi-weekly or monthly meetings • Pairing each sorority with a “Pan Pal” both semesters and encouraging participation within your chapter • Organizing an event for National Panhellenic Conference’s “Month of the Scholar” in February

• Helping to plan an event for Advisor Appreciation Month in April • In charge of planning and executing Panhellenic Pride Week during the Fall semester

What benefits are there if I’m selected? • You will come out of the experience with great new friends and connections throughout the entire Panhellenic community • Experience working with the Panhellenic Council Executive Board Members, which is helpful for those of you who may be looking to apply in the future • Leadership experience for your resume

Questions? If you have any questions, please contact Alexandra Richards at [email protected]

Thank you for your interest in Junior Panhellenic!

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