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Kelvin Hall Alumni 1957 to 2011

Many of our former pupils have gone on to do great things, what could your child become?...

Nick Barmby 1985 – 1987 Hull City Football Club manager and former premiership footballer.

Martin Barrass Years at Kelvin? York-based actor, famous for his annual appearances in pantomimes.

Bianca Blackburn 2005 - 2010 One of only three 17 year olds to be part of the England U20 women’s rugby team.

Steve Chambers 1999 – 2004 Hedge fund analyst and band member.

John Clayton 1960 - 1966 Harbour Master for the port of Musaffah in Abu Dhabi.

Saphia Crowther 1996 to 2001 Editor at Amnesty International, responsible for writing appeals for people who have been wrongly imprisoned throughout the world.

Kris Edge 1998 – 2003 Avionics specialist working on the electrical systems within fighter jets at RAF Leeming in North Yorkshire.

Sally Fairfax 1989 – 1992 Presenter, news reader, reporter and producer at BBC Radio Humberside.

Roland Gift 1972 – 1978

Former lead singer of British band, The Fine Young Cannibals.

Jane Glaister OBE 1964 – 1971 A nationally recognised specialist in the creative and cultural industries, specialising in cultural heritage.

Malcolm Goodman MBE 1964 – 1972 Founding charity trustee of the National Association of Youth Orchestras and The Royal Air Force Music Charitable Trust.

Anna Hill 1986 – Working as a music teacher in Northern Ireland.

Gary Hood 1969 – 1973 Director of the Humber Sports Partnership, which works to provide more sporting opportunities to communities across the Humber region.

Dr David Holmes 1961 - 1967 A clinical and forensic psychologist, who has taken part in more than 1,000 TV and radio broadcasts.

Kimberley Jones 1999 – 2004 Working as a cover supervisor at Kelvin Hall School.

Emma Palmer 2001 – 2006 Enterprise officer at Hull College, who also runs technical theatre workshops for young people.

Andrew Penny 1964 - 1970 Musical director of the Hull Philharmonic Orchestra.

Ian Redmond OBE 1967 - 1972 Tropical field biologist and conservationist, specialising in his work with gorillas and elephants.

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