Kelvingrove & Glasgow University Partnership

January 21, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Arts & Humanities, Performing Arts, Drama
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Kelvingrove & Glasgow University Partnership


• Anne Wallace • Maggie Jago

Curriculum for Excellence The expressive arts experiences and outcomes will support staff in planning

challenging, inspirational and enjoyable learning and teaching activities. The initial statements are closely linked to the four capacities and can be used to help to plan a wide range of learning activities, which will enable our young people to become:

successful learners who can express themselves, think innovatively, meet challenges positively

confident individuals who have developed self-awareness, self-discipline, determination,

responsible citizens who can explore ethical questions, respond to personal and social issues,

effective contributors who can develop and express their creativity, work cooperatively and

and find imaginative solutions to problems and who have developed knowledge and skills related to the different arts and broader skills such as the use of technologies commitment and confidence through drawing on their own ideas, experiences and feelings, and through successful participation

and develop stances and views, who have deepened their insight and experiences of cultural identities and who have come to recognise the importance of the arts to the culture and identities of Scotland and other societies communicate with others, and, in so doing, show initiative, dependability, leadership and enterprise.

My learning in, through and about the expressive arts: • enables me to experience the inspiration and power of the arts • recognises and nurtures my creative and aesthetic talents • allows me to develop skills and techniques that are relevant to specific art forms and across the four capacities • provides opportunities for me to deepen my understanding of culture in Scotland and the wider world

• is enhanced and enriched through partnerships with professional arts companies, creative adults and cultural organisations.


University of Glasgow and Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum

Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum

Practical Concerns • Planning for staff; Glasgow University/Kelvingrove/learning & Teaching Scotland • Teacher availability during school hours • Performance aspect • Kelvingrove as a venue


Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum

Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum

Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum

Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum

Planning Creating Confidence in a Curriculum for Excellence Group: Gallery: Timing

(1.30) 10 mins

Yellow French Gallery / McFarlane Gallery Order of Workshop

Focus within Gallery Massacre of Glen Coe by James Hamilton Leaders & Activity


1.Introduction, stimulus, discussion, painting

1. Moyra – story of the painting – background music Moira & Fiona Fiona – lead introduction and reflection on painting

Emotive Scottish music – Guitar & Violin

40 mins

2. Weaving – 2 groups – Campbells & MacD’s

2. Fiona - Create clan symbols – weaving (badge), Moira – Discussion of Ballad (storytelling in music) teach a ballad Moyra – Tell story

2 boxes for weaving badges/symbols Whiteboard – words of Chorus of song

5 mins

3. Ritual of Symbol

3. Moyra - Ritual with narrative - place symbol badge on themselves Gwyneth – Lead procession into French Gallery

Assistant – move chairs & whiteboard through to French Gallery

(2.25) 30 mins

4. Movement of Clans

4. Gwyneth – Give movement motif for clans.

CD player (own)

5. Freeze frame of painting in Clan groups

5. Moyra - McDonalds & Campbells create freeze frame of painting

6. Thought track

6. Moyra – Thought-track of freeze frame.

7. Freeze frame of past present and future

7. Moyra & Gwyneth –MacDonalds – series of 3 freeze frames Moira & Fiona – Campbells – music for freeze frames

Whiteboard, instruments.

5 mins

8. Linking freeze frames with movement, music & light

8. All - Integrated presentation of freeze frames


5 mins (3.30)

9. Clan Motto/Reflection

9. Moyra – Clan motto, reflection on workshop & future links for teachers

5 mins (3.00) 5 mins 15 mins


Massacre of Glencoe, James Hamilton

Margaret Hutchison

Dress to Kill


Feedback "Thanks to all staff for a superb experience – I now feel much more confident about using an integrated approach to learning" "I really enjoyed exploring the different areas of Expressive Arts using the gallery spaces in the Kelvingrove – inspirational!" "Please can we have more CPD like this – real experiences that we can take back to school" "Excellent speakers and brilliant workshops – thank you to the team"

Continued Partnership

New Audiences for Museums

Collections as a Focus for Learning in New Settings

Interdisciplinary Learning In and Through Glasgow's Kelvingrove • • • • • •

Art Drama Numeracy Literacy Moving Image Education Theology and the Arts

Expressing The Unseen

Expressing the Unseen •

Working with a large group reviewing the three very different paintings provided the opportunity to hear everyone’s ideas and point of views – it was a clear illustration of the different perspectives of absence and presence

As both French and Scottish students, we gained a new interest in Scottish history and appreciation of Scottish Art through studying works of art in Kelvingrove Museum Even if you aren’t keen on a learning area, we experienced first hand that through trying and experiencing different approaches such as Drama, you can gain and retain more information – we now have a fuller understanding and appreciation of how using different approaches will work with children

• The drama techniques were very useful and it will be good to try these in the classroom such as freeze-frame, thought tracking and improvisation

Thank You • AnneWallace [email protected] •Maggie Jago [email protected]

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